How can I get more likes on TikTok?

This is an endless question of all new TikTok bloggers and some experienced ones. You definitely do your best to create the content with all your heart and soul, and what a frustration to see it getting no likes at all! This is understandable, because all work should be paid off. The TikTok environment is quite ruthless sometimes, and some great videos are never seen by the audience, because of the algorithms TikTok use. So should you buy TikTok likes or are there other ways to become popular?

Hint: you should do both.

TikTok is the greatest discovery of the 21st century. It has beaten up such giants as Instagram and Twitter with more, than 800 000 000 active users and thousands registering every day. This is not surprising, that you are reading this article right now. Here we will cover the most effective techniques to apply today to get more likes for your TikTok videos.

This would be not wise to choose just one strategy for such a competitive and dynamic platform, that is why it is better to focus on all possible strategies. The following are 8 ways to start getting more likes in TikTok. Enjoy the reading!

1. Create best profile possible. This is the first thing all users see when they come across your account. Nobody has cancelled the rule of first glance. Maybe you already have perfectly planned profile description, but if you’ve never thought about this, it’s better to start now. Make sure, that your profile contains all the information your audience wants to find. This includes a memorable profile picture of high quality or the logo of the company, if this is a business page. The cover picture should be in full harmony with your profile picture, and the description text should engage new users immediately. To achieve this, it’s better to have a comprehensive understanding of who your dream followers are. You can get some inspiration from the bloggers you love and make something similar for yourself.

2. Know your audience. You don’t need to be loved by everybody, just like in reality. This is important to be yourself and to speak only to those people, who you want to build relationships with. Pick the types of people you want to show your content to. Who are these people? What is their age? What do they like? What is their daily routine? Who’s their favorite singer? The deeper you know the audience, the more personalized content you create, and people will appreciate it. You definitely know, how it works in reality. We all love, when people understand us and when they tell us something, we’re interested in.

3. Stand out. Maybe this is the hardest part, but it depends on how you think about it. There are a lot of bloggers and companies, who offer content, that is not completely unique or new. You don’t have to be a scientist or a genius to succeed. The vital thing is to love what you do. Do you love cooking? Ok, there are a lot of cooking blogs and famous chefs, is there space for you? Certainly! Just find your style, shape, specialization, use your charisma and get into people’s hearts! People love new heroes and fresh servings. And, honestly, can something look bad, when you do this with real love? So, don’t think that only exceptional kind of people can become popular in TikTok, just be confident about what you love to do and this will work.

4. Buy paid promotion. Just like in any business, paid promotion always works. If you’re struggling to get new fans, you can always rely on some extra help. We are all fighting for our place in the world and the same rule can be applied to TikTok competition. A lot of users create their accounts every day and some videos are left invisible forever, because they just cannot crack the code of the TikTok algorithms. You can buy TikTok likes for a nice price, if you want to get the first fan base quicker, or if you just want to extend your current list of followers. These services are absolutely legal and safe, if the provider uses a trusted payment platform and doesn’t ask you for any passwords or private information. So, feel free to use paid TikTok promotion at any stage of your TikTok career.

5. Be multichannel. If you have accounts in other social networks, this is important to link them altogether. Different people come across different social media, some of them just don’t use TikTok at all, but would like to see your videos. Repost your TikTok videos to other profiles, maybe you will attract new users to TikTok!

6. Be stylish. This is just another way to emphasize, that you more likely will succeed with the personal style and loving attitude to your content, than with the new product or genre. Just elaborate on the design, language, looks and the other attributes of the whole picture to become attractive for the audience you want to acquire. This will bring a lot of loyal and devoted fans to your account.

7. Find partners. Even if you have an individual account, this is beneficial to be a team member. Find your crew for mutual promotion of your accounts. Try to find bloggers, who have a similar target audience. Again, if you have a cooking blog, you can find other cooking bloggers. But you can also think outside the box and generate new ideas on what else this cooking audience may like. Maybe they are concerned about the healthy lifestyle in general? This opens you the doors to partnerships with some sports bloggers or healthy diet bloggers as well.

8. Take part in challenges. This is by far one the most natural ways to get more likes in TikTok. New challenges are launched every day and you can choose those, that are loved by you and your target audience. You will inevitably get new likes and followers with the help of these challenges. This is a great start to gradually build your popularity from scratch.

Thank you for reading our article, we hope it helps you with you TikTok path!

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions. TikTok promotion way is really challenging. You need to be creative, stylish and loving. But you can always use help, too! So, try to combine both, paid promotion and your hard work to get the most out of this journey!