Holloway Guide: What is It?

Holloway is the answer to the lack of useful and comprehensive guides that help navigate the world of modern work. They use a wide network of experts and editors to compile guides that provide key information about a wide range of topics. 

Holloway Guide: What is It?

The difference between a Holloway guide and simply surfing the web for information about any given topic is simple: practicality. Unlike many online sources that are wrought with ads and pop-ups, Holloway guides are written by people who actually practice what they are writing about. 

It is then edited by those with more experience in the world of writing to make it more palatable, but the core it remains that Holloway guides are true sources of information. So much goes into a Holloway guide, including:

Expert research
Easy to understand writing
A collaborative effort
Time and money

They spare no expenses ensuring that the guides that wind up in front of readers are filled to the brim with only the most relevant information.

Several Topics, and More to Come

One thing that is great about Holloway guides is that there are several and they encompass many important topics. Whether it be their Technical Recruiting and Hiring and Remote Work guides or their detailed Equity Compensation digital book, they cover many aspects of a business.

Each of their guides is clearly crafted with a lot of love and care. What makes their guides unique is that they are a collaborative effort.  Not only that, but they are all-encompassing in that they pull from literally hundreds of sources.

Why It Matters

The reason that Holloway guides matter so much is simple. In today’s age, there are thousands if not millions of sources for anything you could consider learning about. Holloway guides eliminate the need to sift through them in order to find the right information.

They are also timely. Some of their more recent and important guides include:

The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter
The Holloway Guide to Remote Work
The Holloway Guide to Raising Venture Capital

All of these guides are timely and compile a vast network of sources and data that make for the most up to date and accurate guides. 

Longform Guides Are Accurate Guides

Holloway guides are longform. They are not light on content and they pack in a lot of information. Guides that you can find online, however, are typically skimpy and only provide as much information as a web page will allow for.

At least for now, you cannot cram hundreds of pages worth of information into a web page. It is just not possible. And furthermore, you cannot expect to compile the equivalent to hundreds of pages worth of useful information on your own online because it is not curated.

Buying a Holloway guide takes care of that problem. It is inexpensive and when compared to the amount of time, research and guesswork it would take to find even half of that information, it is a no brainer. 

They are carefully curated and are entirely fact and experience-based. Each guide is created by a wide selection of experts in the particular area the guide encompasses, and because of that, each bit of information is crucial.


Holloway guides are one of the best facets of online learning available currently. They are comprehensive and easy to digest. I find that they cut down on the need for other resources and eliminate time wasted by searching for information on that particular topic online.

They have certainly delivered on their mission statement and I look forward to seeing what other guides they put together in the near future.