In the market, you can find a wide variety of EPC providers in the UK. Many of these companies offer services seven days a week, 350 days a year, to get what you need.
As of April 2018, your EPC must have a minimum E rating, and you can always look for qualified providers to assist you in whatever you need. You can find personalized advice so you can do it more profitably, so you should look for qualified companies.
You can find residential EPC, commercial EPC, and proprietary EPC to choose the one you need the most.

Residential EPC

With a qualified company, you will be able to obtain:

• Qualified EPC Assessors
• 24-hour response
• The best value in the UK
• Fully portable EPC

Whether you want to sell your property through an agent or online, you must have an Energy Performance Certificate. This must be obtained before the home is sold. This survey takes no more than 40 minutes, and you will have the certificate to download it on the same day.

Typically, these energy efficiency rating companies offer you a simple form to assess green energy. Hot water tanks, boiler internal, insulation loft, double glazed windows, radiators, etc. are examined.

The agent enters these observations into program software that carries the energy efficiency calculator. This program performs the calculations and displays the qualification you need. Each family member must pay for this survey that the minimum is like £ 52.50 for a four-bedroom property.

Commercial EPC

Qualified companies will offer you the following benefits:

• EPC 100% insured
• Legal requirement for leasing and sales
• You will have energy advice
If you want to sell or lease your commercial property, you will always activate the EPC requirement. No matter if you have a factory, warehouse, office, hotel, shop, pub, or nursing home or other commercial property; you will always need a qualified EPC agent.

In this way, you can have a more accurate calculation of your commercial property’s energy rating. At this point, the EPCs are calculated by levels, where level 3 is a simple building. Level 5 includes more complex buildings that have high technology and HVAC systems.
No matter what building you have, finding a qualified advisor will meet your needs. These agents work with individual owners and store owners; they can also work with large UK property companies.

If you want a quote, just go to your green company or phone website, and you will have the advice you need.

EPC Owner

With the landlord EPC services and a good advisor, you will have the following benefits:

• You will have appointments with your tenant
• Advice on new minimum qualifications
• Wider coverage

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity that reputable green companies offer you to make big profits at the best prices. When you have ordered your EPC, one of the company’s advisors will contact you. Expert knowledge of all types of property in the UK will be at your disposal.

They will always choose a suitable time to visit the property to perform the EPC measurement correctly. They will always contact their tenants or any local agent who has their keys. Check customer feedback so you can choose the best company.