Hip Hops Duo Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel Battles Racial Injustices during COVID 19 pandemic

South Florida’s Hip Hop Duo Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel joins forces with the community in protesting change in their hometown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With everything going on in todayʼs world upcoming duo Peezy and Lala canʼt be stopped. Like millions of people around the world these artists have been affected by the Lockdown and touched by the senseless killings that have turned our country in a new direction. Videos and Pictures on their Instagram gives a clear line on what side they choose to stand on. From first hand footage encounters to proudly holding a sign stating Stop Killing us, Stop Racism, We

matter!!! https://

www.instagram.com/p/ CBDkx7Vpwke/? igshid=1arw1uu76k7ng

Itʼs safe to say that the group has decided to use their influence to promote change that is much needed. This is a different side that we normally donʼt get to see, as Peezy & Lala normally refrain from personal and political views on their platform. Our hip hop R&B duo has decided to break their tradition and spread hope to

their followers, after all as influencers their voice is detrimental to the younger crowd.  Peezy & Lala joins a long list of unproblematic artists to uprise with the people such as Adele, Selena Gomez, jcole, hahadavis, and many more who have taken to social platforms to express their frustrations.

The group is passionate in standing with the people and demanding equality for all, attending Miami protests as well as Broward Countyʼs protest. These artists have been fighting frontline to spread awareness of the injustices that have been sweeping our nation for so long. Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel gives back during protests with custom masks for the public printed with powerful messages and graphics

expressing the cries and situations referencing police brutality and the injustices that the world has now opened their eyes to.

While they are adamant they donʼt want to bring much attention to anything else other than the injustices right now they continue to quietly work on their EP set to release a few months from now. Who knows how the recent world events will inspire them.

The pair have not stopped to break as they gear up for a new single release in July. In May the duo released their highly anticipated Mixtape “All In” hosted by DJgoodfella from Orlandoʼs 98.5 the wire FM.

Recently gaining press from FOX, Digital Journal, Daily Herald, and many more. One things for sure, Peezy & Lala are just getting started as they begin to cross over from underground to popular. Both have shown versatility, dominance, and unapologetic lyrics in their newly released Mixtape “All In” https://

m.soundcloud.com/peezyandlala/ sets/all-in-mixtape-hosted-by-djgoodfella-hottest-in-the-hood.  The project carries 21 singles ranging from Hype and Crunk tracks to Mellow and R&B tracks keeping their fans satisfied during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This boy/girl duo is showing what multitasking is all about battling through both COVID-19 shutdown and racial injustices. Prince Peezy & Lala Chanel proves that with focus and determination it can all be done

without getting lost in the sauce.  www.peeezyandlala.com Instagram @peezyandlala www.youtube.com/peezyandlala