Heat-sealed Non-woven Bags Market Development Status, Opportunity Assessment and Industry Expansion Strategies 2027

Heat-sealed non-woven bags are manufactured using non-woven fabric as raw material and with the use of spun melted polypropylene (PP) through a process of automatic ultrasonic sealing.

They serve as an easy packaging option for products like supplements, grounded coffee, powdered mixes by protecting against moisture, oxygen, and UV light. The use of polypropylene not only adds to the durability of the bag but also makes the bag waterproof. These bags are moisture-resistant and breathable which keeps the product fresh for a longer time and contributes to keeping the product away from any kind of fungal growth.

These bags are not only used in food packaging but also in supermarkets for shopping and clothes packaging. Considering all of the above parameters, like excellent moisture resistance, durability, and waterproofing and long-term freshness of food products is expected to uplift the growth of the heat-sealed non-woven bags market.

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Heat-sealed Non-woven Bags Market: Dynamics

Heat-sealed non-woven bags are used majorly in the packaging of food products by increasing their freshness for a longer time. Also, the durability, water-resistance, and moisture resistance properties make the heat-sealed non-woven bags to be used in all seasons and weather conditions which is anticipated to grow the market in the coming days. The bags are also cost-effective with a wide variety of customization in colors and textures and easy to handle which attracts the consumer.

These bags are also environmental-friendly in nature and recyclable when compared to traditional plastic bags or fabric bags, this enhances the use of non-woven fabric material, which is lifting the market for non-woven bags. Apart from just protecting the food products, these bags are also used in supermarket shopping of the grocery, clothes, etc. which is forecasted to increase the demand for the market.

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Heat-sealed Non-woven Bags Market: Regional Outlook

Based on the region, the heat-sealed non-woven bags market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and MEA Region. The Asia Pacific region is forecasted to witness growth in the heat-sealed non-woven bags market owing to the increase in the production and consumption of plastics in a country like China which is expected to grow the market.

Also, increasing demand for food products is the factor propelling the growth of the market. The growth and inclined behaviour of people towards supermarket shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables along with the ease and convenience to carry the bag as compared to the trays, especially in a country like India is boosting the market for heat-sealed non-woven bags.

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Heat-sealed Non-woven Bags Market: Key Players

Some of the Heat-sealed non-woven bags manufacturers are:

  • Vee Kay Industries
  • Vietnam Poly Bag Import Export Jsc
  • Karam Green Bags
  • Rovi Packaging S.A.
  • Ningbo Ihome Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • S&C Eco Life Company Limited
  • KentPack
  • Maviyel Ambalaj
  • Wenzhou Vanmac Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Euro Frost India Private Limited

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