Haptic Driver Product Market is expected to grow across the globe by top Key Players

Haptic driver recreates the sense of touch by applying vibrations, motions or forces to the user. There are two ways a haptic driver can generate haptic event or a vibration alert. Haptic feedback is able convey operator information and radically improve user interfaces. Haptic driver products incorporated different types of sensors that calculate forces applied by the end user on the interface. Haptic product consists of mainly different types of sensor and actuators. General purpose of haptic driver product is to cater a wide range of electronic application such as mobile phone, laptop and gaming device among others.  Haptic enable products are used in multiple applications across the globe. Touch screen are replacing traditional user interfaces in different type of products which includes smart phones, tablets, laptops, personal desktop and portable gaming devices among others. A haptic enable touch screen product carries this data and prevents the data loss with the help of haptic sensors and actuator. Haptic Driver Product Market is expected to witness a steady growth during the forecast period.

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Moreover, growing demand across the globe, haptic driver products are using to sense different types of vibration, force and motion. Global Haptic Driver Product Market is segmented on the basis of product type, end use industry and geography. On the basis of product type, market is fragmented into pulse-width modulated (PWM), LRA, analog and I2C. Manufacturers are using different types of techniques and hardware such as linear resonant actuators, eccentric rotating mass motors and piezoelectric actuators to provide haptic feedback. With the help of diode and transistor, the traceable vibration and strength of the motor is controlled by using a pulse-width modulated signal that promptly turns the motor on and off with a precise time interval. As a result in haptic driver’s product PWM signal drives the ERM motor which is able to control the frequency and amplitude of the device’s vibration. On the basis of end use industry, market is segmented into consumer electronics, automotive, transportation, gaming, healthcare and engineering among others. A flexible design and technological development involved in haptic drivers product is also expected to create a better opportunity for haptic driver product manufacturers across the globe. At present, gaming device, smart phones and medical instruments among others are using haptic driver product to get an accurate result which is boosting the demand of haptic driver product market. Other factors such as technical challenges regards to product design and power consumption is likely to affect the operation of haptic technology in electronics product which is restraining the growth of the Haptic Driver Product Market. Moreover, increasing demand of haptic technology in consumer electronic devices is also predicted to increase the manufacturing process and thereby anticipated to drive the demand for haptic driver product and controller in the coming years. Additionally, increasing demand of haptic driver products for different types of safety application of automotive devices is also expected to boost the demand for haptic driver product during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026. On the flip side, increasing usage of haptic drivers in visual impaired such as education sector and gaming console device manufacturing unit to improve the performance of the product which is also acts as an opportunity factor for the growth of Haptic Driver Product Market during the forecast period.

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Geographically, Haptic Driver Product Market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. In terms of revenue, in 2017, Asia Pacific held the largest market share in the global Haptic Driver Product Market. In Asia Pacific, China and India held the largest market revenue share due to growing consumer preference for electronic products. Owing to substantial financial growth in electronic segment U.S, China, India, and Japan among others are main market for Haptic Driver Product Market. Ever-changing consumer needs in electronic segment and gaming device market is the key factor boosting the demand of Haptic Driver Product Market.

The major companies in Haptic Drivers market are Texas Instruments (The U.S), National Semiconductor (The U.S), Fairchild Semiconductor (The U.S), Maxim Integrated Products (The U.S),Aito (U.S), Arkema (France), Immersion Corporation (The U.S), Novasentis (The U.S),Precision Microdrives (U.K), Redux Labs (U.K),Solvay (Belgium), Tactus Technologies (The U.S) among others.

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