Modding of the Grand Theft Auto games is one of the popular things in the PC gaming community. It allows you to alter the gameplay, interaction, changing the main character to your preferred one and whatnot. Looking back into Grand Theft Auto IV, the zombie was the most popular mod, and Rockstar appreciated the efforts put behind them. There has been no official statement against the modding community of Grand Theft Auto, thus GTA games are one of the most modded games for PC. There are numerous mods out there for GTA PC, some of them are listed below:


  • ATM Robberies & Bank Heist: This mod helps you increase your bank funds in the game by performing robbery and heists on the larger banks. You can virtually satisfy your guts if you like to play it by committing crimes.
  • The House of the Damned: This horror mod was anticipated by many fans where the main character is Baker Ranch from RE7. This modded GTA game is loaded with creepy objects and people all over the place, and you will come across many things that might give you jumpscares.
  • Driving the Realistic Cars: This mod is one of the best if you love supercars. As we know, the mechanism of driving is highly accurate and exceptional in GTA. Thus, combining the supercars with insane driving will satisfy your wishes.
  • Festive Surprise: Bring out the Christmas Joy with the special mod of GTA in which the map of Los Santos is filled all over with Christmas trees and feels like the festive season the whole year-round.
  • GTA Gravity Gun: The gravity gun from Half-Life 2 was an instant hit as soon as it was released. It didn’t take time to reach the modding community to design this gun and have fun in the GTA community.


EasyLooting has brought some exciting deals about GTA Modded Account for PC, where you don’t have to break a sweat to reach a higher level. Buying one of these accounts will unlock you with various supplies and features that might take a fortune of time for unlocking. There are usually three types: Siver, Gold, and Diamond.


  • Silver is the least expensive having a level 200 account filled with a billion GTA dollars. No extra clothing, sticker, tattoos, etc. are unlocked.
  • Gold is the intermediate one having a level 300 account filled with 4 billion GTA dollars. Here, clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, trophies, and awards are also, unlocked with it.
  • Diamond is the most expensive one having a level 500 account with 10 billion GTA dollars. This account has every feature from the previous two types.


The delivery time of the product is rather impressive and has two types –


  • Express delivery: Only takes 1-2 business days after the payment is made.
  • Standard delivery: Takes about 2-4 business days after the completion of payment.


GTA Modded account for PC is safe if you buy from Easylooting as they have professional modders on their team, who check regularly to reduce the ban rate to less than 1%


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