Griddle Mixes: Market outlook

Global influences are penetrating ready-to eat and convenience product development and trends. Complete health, sustainability, convenience, and innovations are trends that are expected to reshape the food preferences of consumers in the foreseeable future. Product evolution and innovation is anticipated to gain an indulgence of consumers in on-the-go mix/ convenience products in the future.

Griddle is a culinary device containing of a broad flat surface heated by electricity, gas, wood, or coal, with both commercial and residential applications. In developed countries, a griddle is generally a flat metal plate used for cooking waffles and pancakes. Food giants are offering griddle mixes of pancake, cakes, and waffles targeting consumers demand for easy and convenient indulging format.

Griddle mix is a mixture of proportionate ingredients and flavoring of food products, which provides consumers on-the-go solution for their instant cravings. Griddle mix is available in various ingredients and flavors to provide varied taste options to consumers. Growing hectic lifestyles of consumers is considered as a primary driver for the market growth of griddle mixes in near future.

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Growing Demand for Convenient Food Format is Creating Market Buzz for Griddle Mixes

Fast paced lifestyle and hectic schedules are pushing consumers to opt for food products that are easy and convenient to cook. Griddle mix is widely gaining acceptance in shelf spaces of consumers as an easy format of indulgence, also consumer’s love for pancakes and waffles as on-the-go breakfast and dessert option is leading to increasing prospects of pancake and waffle griddle mixes.

Present day smart consumers are looking for a premium experience in their products, be it taste or presentation, consumers want perfection. Convenient-innovative and sustainable packaging, fortified-enriched ingredients, exciting colors, striking flavors, strong label game, are probable to attract consumer’s attention towards griddle mixes.

Consumers are agreeable to pay a top price for products offering apparent health benefits – the only prerequisite being the promise of a unique offering that meets their basic dietary and health needs of consumers along with sensory indulgence. Gluten-free, low-sugar, Organic, low-fat, Non-GMO, low-calorie, vegan are some of the claims consumers are going crazy for in griddle mix product offering.

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Global Griddle Mixes: Key Players

Some the key players operating their business in the global Griddle Mixes market are Josey Baker Bread, Basic American Foods, Birch Benders, Kerry Group Plc., EARTH FED MUSCLE, Continental Mills, Inc., Blackberry Farm, Lieber’s, and The Quaker Oats Company, among others.

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Opportunities for Griddle Mixes Market Participants:

Key players operating in the market have well understanding of consumer eating habits and sentiments and thus target a specific audience while launching their product offering.  Price struggle is likely to gain extra significance in the case of griddle mixes in most grocery vendors, which are required to offer lower-priced products to their consumers to sustain stable volume demand. The manufacturers should focus on Asia Pacific region as emerging nation are expected to provide opportunities for griddle mix manufacturers as consumers are increasingly getting attracted to western eating formats like pancakes and waffles. Also, the increasing adoption of waffles and pancakes in cafes/ restaurants in India and China is leading to growing prospects for griddle mix manufactures in times to come.