Green Packaging Market Revenue Is Set To Garner Staggering Revenues By 2015 – 2022

Green packaging is also referred to as sustainable packaging. In the packaging method, materials used are eco-friendly and produces no harm to environment. Also, it has low impact on energy consumption during the manufacturing procedure.

Sustainable packaging material is created in an environmentally aware manner. The materials are biodegradable and recyclable in nature. Also, these material are energy efficient.

Growing concerns regarding environment is one of the key factors pushing the adoption rate of green packaging solution.

The green packaging market is witnessing significant demand rate due to industrialization and urbanization.

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Lots of cartoon and paper is required to pack goods. Further, the cartoon and paper is wasted. This, in turn, is wastage of resource as well as money. Hence, various manufacturing are shifting towards use of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials. Use of biodegradable materials for packaging eliminate the need to use chemical to eliminate contaminants that are capable of destroying water, soil and regular atmosphere of the planet.

Registering the benefits, government bodies are undertaking various initiatives favoring green packaging. The initiatives are likely to support growth of the market in coming years.

The green packaging market is on the rise and is projected to witness a considerable growth in the near future. The growth of the market is being fueled by the advent of bioplastics, increasing environmental concerns on sustainable growth, and implementation of strict rules, regulations, policies, and mandates by the governing authorities. There has been a growing awareness among the customers who purchase luxury goods about the techniques of green packaging that make use of bioplastics as the main raw material. There are several such sectors that recognize the importance of green packaging such as personal body care, FMCG, and pharmaceutical among others. Such factors are thus expected to drive the overall growth of the global green packaging market.

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A broad range of oil-based polymers are being used currently in several packaging applications. The materials are generally non-biodegradable in nature and are thus quite difficult to reuse or recycle as it carries a risk of contamination. Development of biodegradable plastics from renewable sources to tackle the disadvantages of non-biodegradable products is also an important factor for driving the growth of the global green packaging market. However, the mismatch in the ability of recycling and the amount of solid waste generated across the globe can act as a restraining factor for the market development.

Green packaging helps in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions because of its lessened reliance on traditional fossil fuels in it production. Moreover, its biodegradable nature is also an additional advantage that is helping to push its market growth. Garden waste release and land-filled organic food releases methane gas, which is used as renewable source of energy and the by-product compost can then be used to improve the quality of the soil that will have a positive impact on the overall development of the global green packaging market.

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Global Green Packaging Market: Snapshot

The demand for reusable, and sustainable packaging continues to rise, thanks to environmental initiatives, and changing preferences of consumers. The several bans on a wide range of single-use plastics have also made way for new and innovative forms of green packaging which are expected to drive growth.

According to TMR analysts, the green packaging market will likely reach $203.1 bn by 2022 end. The market reached a valuation of US$132.4 bn in 2014. The growth is expected to come on the back of a notable 6.20% CAGR during 2015-2021.

Apart from growing demand for green packaging in general, there are several trends that are expected to shape up major portion of the upcoming growth. Among these, the increased use of recyclable containers, and growth of shipping industry are major turn of events. The shipping industry catering to the trade of heavy metals, and several other consumer-oriented manufactured goods is witnessing a major growth in Asia Pacific. The green packaging or recyclable containers are ideally placed for supporting dynamics like e-commerce, inter-sea trade, and growth of Asia Pacific due to low-cost, and its natural effectiveness as a medium of large-volume transport. The increasing demand for heavy metals, consumer electronics, and other goods, and cost-effectiveness of shipping will drive major growth for reusable containers during the forecast period.

Demand for Green Packaging Remains Highest in F&B Sector

Apart from its new rising applications, the conventional demand for green packaging in food and beverage sector is also likely to remain robust. The food and beverage sector is witnessing a growing appeal for organics, and natural foods. The demand is apparent as major beverage brands like Coca-cola launch natural-varieties of soft drinks globally. Moreover, fast-food chains like Burger King has also put a ‘meatless meat’ or a ‘vegan burger’ option to attract the rising number of vegans in the world. The rising demand for natural food products promises more opportunities for innovative marketing for green packaging, and will continue to drive growth for the green packaging market.

The demand in the Food and Beverage sector is also expected to remain high in Asia Pacific region. The rising disposable income in the region, and growing demand for advanced packaging solutions to meet environmental crisis, and rising regulations like single-use plastic bans will drive robust growth. According to TMR estimates, the growth will rise at 6.4% CAGR during 2015-2021. The rise in non-biodegradable packaging, and growing consumer awareness about green packaging products are expected to emerge as two major drivers for growth in the food and beverage sector.

The online packaging industry is expected to meet robust demand in Asia Pacific, as high-real estate prices, and large population mandates the need for cost-effective transportation of food from one part to the other. The growth of online business, and growing demand for sustainable packaging will continue to drive new growth opportunities in the region.

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