Green juices

How many times have you heard that you have to consume 5-9 servings of fruit and vegetables a day?

Maybe you’ve heard fewer portions, or maybe you’ve never heard of it. According to the experts, 5-7 servings is the minimum consumption for children, 7 for women, and 9 for men, without mentioning special groups such as patients or athletes.

Fruits and vegetables, in addition to carbohydrates and proteins, contain vitamins, fiber, minerals, trace elements, and thousands of other active phytochemicals that, when all together offered to the body, act in synergists and promote health by dramatically reducing the risk of various diseases.

As a shoulder-eater, the basis of the nutritional pyramid of our category is fruits and vegetables, I will not stay here… I’ll go further and tell you that the minimum consumption is half a kilo of green leafy vegetables a day! and this quantity among other things, not just these! yes, it’s more convenient to think of potato as a vegetable and so with a plate of potatoes with meat in the oven you think you’re covering your needs or with 3-4 slices of bread with fruit jam, go and have a compote, think it meets your children’s needs, but the truth is way beyond that!

So when I write about fruits and vegetables, I refer to raw fruits and vegetables, and this is where the logical question arises?

How to consume such a quantity? How to chew 1.5 kg of vegetables? Add the fruit you need to eat… What are you going to do all day? exercise in your mouth muscles? The solution is simple, eating fruit and drink green vegetable powder.

Due to the presence of sugars in fruit, our good nature has supplied them with soluble fiber, one of the roles of which is to delay the absorption of glucose from the blood, while on the other hand, the insoluble fibers of leafy vegetables contribute to the peristalsis and good functioning of the fat intestine.

For this reason, I avoid the pouring of fruit (with few exceptions) and I am a fanatical advocate of the juice of vegetables.

So that’s why I’m talking about green natural juices and not just fruit and vegetable juices…

And of course don’t let your mind go to the ready-made marshmallows, pasteurized, dead juices of the trade…

I don’t even consider them food, with such treatment that they’ve undergone are just calories in the liquid form.

The way to receive the purest, most nutritious, genuine, and clean water available in nature is through the pouring of vegetables and fruits.

The categories of juicers will soon be discussed in a subsequent article since this is a matter in itself… (yes, there are many more kinds of machines than you find on store shelves).

So when you pass these foods through a juicer, it distinguishes the liquids, along with all their nutrients, from solids, that is, dietary fibers.

While these foods will take time to go through the whole process of digestion and give you their nutritious juices and this provided you have chewed them thoroughly, fresh juices are digested and absorbed directly by the body.

Within 15 to 20 minutes your body cells have taken all the fluid you’ve given them and they’ll thank you for the remaining 23 hours and 40 minutes of the day.


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