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Linux Shared Hosting


Are you heading towards hosting your new online business? Or, Are you looking for a reliable, efficient, and affordable hosting solution for your small business? If your answer to any of these is yes, you are in the right space. Here is all you need to know. With numerous choices of hosting services available, it becomes a bit complex to pick the ideal one right away for your web business. However, Wise Solution hosting company brings you at ease by providing Linux shared hosting plans for different types of business. They are not only cheaper but also render everything required to run your web business successfully. Leap into the succeeding sections and you will get the required insights!

Brief Overview of the Linux Shared Hosting by Wise Solution

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux shared hosting is a kind of web hosting service that permits various users to host their business websites on a single server. This single server constitutes a Linux operating system running at its base. You share the web resources with other users along with the server space. Consequently, many small businesses and startups utilize web resources and space sharing advantages among all the websites hosted on an individual physical server.

The Wise Solution company is best-known for providing Linux shared web hosting with world-class services at the cheapest price. Linux, being an open-source platform can be employed free of cost for hosting purposes. Additionally, the cheap hosting services of the company make Linux shared web hosting the most economical and feasible for your online business.

Furthermore, the Wise Solution intensifies the features and benefits that the Linux interface renders to the users. The company aims to accommodate the clients’ business goals while delivering enterprise-grade hosting facilities and industry-leaders support. For rendering the world-class Linux shared hosting services, it has also acquired recognition among top-notch organizations worldwide.

The Top Features of Linux Shared Hosting for Your Website

Following are the essential features of Wise Solution’s best Linux shared hosting. They can help you to kick-start and boost your online business for its effective development. Let’s have a peek at them!

99.99% Uptime Assurance

The company is highly responsible when it comes to its customer’s website visibility. Thus, it has made sure to guarantee the 99.99% uptime network with all the hosting plans. It owns top tier 3 and tier 4 data centers that will deliver you the highest uptime percentage. Also, the data centers provide consistent and robust network connectivity to ensure the high availability and visibility of your business website.

100% SSD Storage

The company’s Linux shared hosting service comes with the huge Solid State Drives (SSD) to serve the necessities of your online business data. You will obtain the colossal SSD space. It will enable you to maximize your website performance. Further, your website visitors will experience 200% faster speed and the least web page loading time with one click.


You will acquire the cPanel control panel for hosting your website on the Linux shared server. The cPanel provides a user-friendly interface. You will be able to perform regular activities and other operations quickly through this control panel. The cPanel possesses easy functioning and you can easily access it. Moreover, while employing the cPanel, you will become capable of managing your site, DNS, settings, emails configurations, etc., effortlessly.

Compatible with Modern PHP and My SQL versions

The Wise Solution has built its servers on the latest and productive technologies. They are developed with resilient engineering design. So, your business website will have low latency with these servers. Further, the Linux shared hosting systems are set to support the modern and most compatible versions of PHP and MySQL.

Prices and Plans

The Wise Solution cheap Linux shared hosting plans offer high flexibility and a premium network to host your website. With each plan, the company makes sure to provide 24/7 technical support from its professional team. The team comprises highly skilled experts who will offer you instant support and the most accessible solutions to all your issues. Moreover, you will be able to connect to them via your preferred medium – Whatsapp, Skype, Phone, etc.

Prices and Plans


Perks of Hosting Your Site with Wise Solution

Wise Solution is among the best web hosting companies in India for a reason. You can gain the following perks for your online business with the company’s Linux shared hosting service.

  • Your website will acquire the standard and highly advanced security measures, including the SSL certificate, DDoS protection, and firewall protection.
  • You will acquire unlimited email account accessibility with greater versatility.
  • You will also obtain weekly data backup services to ensure the complete security of your data.
  • You have the opportunity to pick the nearest location of the company’s data center from your parent location to enjoy seamless network connectivity.
  • You will be able to register for a brand new domain with single click and further, obtain free-of-cost subdomain registration.


The Wise Solution web hosting company in India never lags behind in providing unlimited hosting services with hyper-scale facilities. It greatly values the time and money of its clients. Thus, the company offers 7 Days Money Back Guarantee. So, you will not be putting your money at any risk with the Wise Solution. Connect with the company’s experts now to grab more details about its Linux shared hosting services. Or, you can also visit Wise Solution’s website to get additional information –


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