GaN-based Power Supply Adapter Market 2024 : Ongoing Forecast Study On To Map Its Growth For Forecast Period

The year 2024 is being known as the year of GaN-based adapters and chargers. Work-from-home protocols have created revenue streams for companies in the GaN-based power supply adapter market. Manufacturers are seen to create new models of adapters and chargers for handheld gaming devices, tablets, and phones. It is expected that 2021 will witness the rise of multi-port adapters.

GaN semiconductors are gaining prominence in consumer electronics. Stakeholders in the GaN-based power supply adapter market are witnessing a renewed and reenergized need for GaN (gallium nitride) technology in electric vehicle (EV) design labs. Support from the European Union (EU) for policy standards pertaining to energy efficiency in data centers is translating into revenue opportunities for stakeholders.

gan based power supply adapter market segmentation

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High Cost, Vulnerable Safety Protocols in GaN Chargers Inhibit Market Growth

The GaN-based power supply adapter market is predicted to reach the value of US$ 3 Bn by 2030. However, technology concerns in GaN chargers are inhibiting market growth. For instance, the 65W GaN charger by Chinese tech giant Xiomi has been suspended from online and offline stores due to security vulnerability, since the chip is unencrypted and potentially open to attackers. Companies in the GaN-based power supply adapter market are taking cues from such companies to increase R&D for reliable and encrypted chargers.

The high cost of GaN chargers is another disadvantage for consumer, which is affecting the growth of the GaN-based power supply adapter market. Processes such as high temperature heating of metal gallium and other specific processing conditions tend to increase its manufacturing cost, resulting in an expensive final product. Hence, tech providers are increasing awareness about the small size, safety, and high efficiency of GaN chargers as compared to other chargers including silicon to offset the former’s disadvantages.

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Lightweight, Fast Charging Capabilities in Adapters Being Highly Preferred

Companies in the GaN-based power supply adapter market are increasing the availability of lightweight adapters. The Philips 65W-USB charger is gaining popularity for replacing big, chunky, and heavy adapters, and flexibility in a mobile society. Manufacturers in the GaN-based power supply adapter market are increasing efforts to meet fast charging requirements of consumers. Such trends are expected to drive the market at the modest CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period.

Dual Port Charging Gains Popularity in Next-gen GaN Power Semiconductor Technology

Stakeholders in the GaN-based power supply adapter market, such as Navitas Semiconductor has announced that Dell Technologies has adopted its GaN technology to enable fast laptop charging. Manufacturers are increasing their production capabilities in the 90W adapter series with dual ports that simultaneously charge a laptop and a smartphone. Such trends are publicizing GaN as a next-gen power semiconductor technology that facilitates dramatic improvements in energy savings and power density.

The increasing number of consumers are expecting innovation, performance, and quality from fast charging GaN-based power supply adapters. Hence, manufacturers are increasing the availability of low weight, compact, and cool operations in adapters.

Performance, Reliability Reviews Ensure Successful Adapter Launches

Unique adapter designs and technologies are storming the GaN-based power supply adapter market. The ADG 100W GaN 9-in-1 power hub with fast charging capabilities and USB-C hub functions are creating revenue opportunities for manufacturers. Companies are investing in R&D to develop multi-port adapters that can charge several electronic devices simultaneously such as keyboards, laptops, flash drives, and other devices.

Companies in the GaN-based power supply adapter market are innovating in foldable US plugs compatible with AU, EU, and the U.K. universal travel adapters, which contribute toward a global mobile society. They are conducting rigorous technology, performance, and reliability reviews to ensure safe and successful adapter launches. C-end consumer electronics and the influx of 5G hold promising potentials for market growth.

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