Gadgets for men 2024 – these are the best

Many men love cars and of course they love to try out gadgets of all kinds. After all, when is there a better opportunity to delight the inner play child than with funny, individual and sometimes even nerdy ideas?

Clear: in adulthood there are significantly more obligations than in childhood or adolescence. But that’s exactly why it’s so much more fun, for example after work, to deal with things that don’t remind you of your job, right? Many gadgets offer the advantage of making the everyday life of their users easier. But this is not always the case. Sometimes it’s just about fun!

But which gadgets are actually the ones that could convince 2019 in a special way? What should not be missing at any men’s evening? And with which toys can you really show off in front of your best buddies?

Gadget tips 2024 in the overview – here are the highlights

Gadgets are more than just a mere pastime. These special toys bring friends together (and often make them laugh). So if you and your buddies like to prove the trustworthiness of online casinos on weekends or meet up for a game of chance, there are many ways to enhance these special happenings with the right gadgets.

Tip no. 1: flying drones

This trend continues to inspire several generations. Although flying drones have been produced for some time, in the meantime every man can get such a gadget for his own home. Anyone who likes to be active and spend time outdoors in sports can use his flying drone, for example when climbing or “Stand Up Paddeling”, to create lasting memories. In the meantime, flying drones are also being used for private use with top-class cameras. Sharp images and a high level of user comfort are now a reality. Here it can be worthwhile to compare the individual models with each other.

Tip no. 2: the mobile espresso machine

On the road and fancy an espresso? With the mobile espresso machine exactly this special time-out is no longer a problem. The device is simply connected to the cigarette lighter of the car and is supplied with power in this way. The machine brews the water and it only takes a few minutes until the espresso is ready and can be enjoyed. But be careful! Of course the recommended amount of espresso per day should not be exceeded!

Tip no. 3: 360 degree cameras

With these cameras you can create very special recordings. The corresponding pictures offer you – as the name says – the possibility to take pictures or film once in a circle. The final result is a panoramic image that is extended to the maximum point. A small gimmick that is being used more and more in the private sector. Among other things, musicians also use such cameras to create interactive music videos.

Tip no. 4: Remote-controlled droids

This gadget (just because of its name) makes you think of Star Wars? Correct! Whether the fan is enthusiastic about the BB8 or the never-ending R2-D2 model: with the appropriate gadgets it is possible to control your own Droid! This is even possible via voice control and smartphone. If you are interested in experiencing modern gadgets in an active way without starting a big project like assembling a whole E-Bike yourself, you will get your money’s worth with these special droids.

Tip no. 5: the Smartpen

The perfect accessory for students! The Smartpen records acoustically what is written, said or drawn during a lecture, for example. The corresponding audio file can then be easily retrieved. Especially when it comes to complicated topics and subjects, it is helpful if this gadget can be used to “rewind” the audio file while listening at home. But if you find the whole thing too much of a technical challenge in your everyday life, you can of course try to leave your smartphone alone for a few days afterwards. After a little mobile phone fasting the entry into the virtually supported world is surely even more fun.

Tip no. 6: VR glasses

Last year they already played a major role at the Gamescom in Cologne. Today, they have already found their way into many living rooms: VR glasses, which suggest to the player that they are actually part of the corresponding game. Even if it may seem a little strange to see a gamer with VR glasses in action from the outside, the spark will surely fly at the latest when experiences with this special game feeling have been gathered.

Tip no. 7: the laser sword pointer

A longer presentation coming up? But the topic is rather dry? No problem! If you don’t want to use the classic stick for showing here, you can rely on the use of a special pointer. For example, how would it be if the corresponding area within the presentation was illuminated in Star Wars style? With the right equipment exactly that is no problem!