Best twin mattress

Among the six regular mattress sizes, Twin is the smallest. Specific measurements vary from model to model but most mattresses of twin size measure about 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. Twins may be ideal for adults and children who sleep on their own but typically this size is too small to sleep comfortably for two or more individuals. Moreover, any more than 6 feet 2 inches are likely to be too tall for a mattress of a twin size.

Choosing a twin over other mattress sizes has certain advantages. For the one side, twin sizes for any mattress type are usually the cheapest. Twins also have the least floor space so that they can fit people with smaller spaces.

Below you’ll find our ranges from beds available in this size for the best twin mattress styles.


The Nectar has three layers of flexible memory foam built for sleepers that have near body contours and outstanding motion isolation. A one-year sleep check and lifetime guarantee is available to all customers.

Saatva Youth

The adjustable Saatva Youth Innerspring is built for children aged 3 and over and offers a medium firm feeling on the one side and an enhanced feeling on the other. For all orders, Saatva offers free delivery of white gloves.

Tuft and Needle Original

T&N Original Mattress is very common and inexpensive and consists of an adjustable comfort layer of polyfoam and a thick, supportive base layer. Respirable surface materials have a lower heat and cool sleep absorption.


Is a twin bed comfortable?

A twin bed will give you a lot of comfort if you sleep alone. As long as you are not too tall, this is an ideal choice for individual adults who want to sleep on a budget or save as much room as possible.

What is a good mattress thickness?

Many experts suggest at least 2 inches thick for each of the top two layers. This means that a decent foam mattress will have at least 4 inches above and 6 inches below. You can see that the best online mattresses don’t have a thickness of less than 10 cm.

Are all twin mattresses the same size?

A twin mattress has a width of 39 inches and a length of 75 inches. However, there’s another kind of twin mattress: a twin XL. The extra-long version is the same width but an additional five inches wide, 80 cm long. The extra-long twin is as long as a mattress of a queen or king.

Can a couple sleep on a twin bed?

Without occupying space, partners may be close together. So long as no one sleeps, it is the ideal place to share a bed. This place is the awkward option for partners who don’t want to interact while sleeping.

Can a twin bed fit two adults?

Two very small adults, however uncomfortable, will sleep on a double bed. If you have twin-bed mates, try it and you’ll know.

Should I get a full or twin bed?

The bed is 54 “wide and 74” wide, also often called a double bed. While a smaller pair can comfortably sleep on it, it is mostly used as a twin upgrade to a single individual.