Frequently asked questions on boat rentals and the process

You could find several boat rental companies out there in the digital era. You can search for such companies along with their reviews by sitting in your home. You need not plan to buy yourself a yacht or a boat to use for a few days of your vacation. As it will cost you more than anything, you can choose to rent a sag harbor yacht charter if you wish. By doing so, you can save a lot of money. Almost all the necessary arrangements would be done for you by the rental company itself. All you have to do is to end up with a reliable and high-quality rental service provider. Also, you have to be careful while signing the contract with the company. If you miss any vital information on the contract, you would have to pay some extra fee after your rental period. It is better to ask the following questions and know the answers when you visit a rental company to book a boat or yacht.


FAQs on boat renting

What is the necessary information to provide when signing the contract?

When you visit a boat rental company, you should provide some of your personal details to book a boat. Some of these details will include your name, address, contact details like phone number and email address, and your credit card information. Some companies will ask you to provide these details via their websites also. If you are a captain yourself or you have one in your crew to join in the boat, you should provide the supporting documentation including his boating license.

What are the available boat types, and what you require?

There are several types of boats available in the rental companies. You may also want a specific type of boat. So, it is necessary to know the available and bookable types of boats in the company before confirming that provider. For instance, a company would provide pontoons, a deck boat, and a speed boat. Likewise, you have to know the availability beforehand.

Who will be responsible for the damages to the boat during the rental period?

If you read the contract carefully, you can get to know the responsible person who will be liable for the damages happening to the boat during the rental period. Although the lessee would be the responsible guy for the damages, sometimes, you may get to claim some types of insurances for the damages. So, you should know about the insurance and damage policies of the company while signing the contract.

Would the company cover the refuel costs?

Although you would get the boat fueled completely, you may have to refuel at times. So, it is better to confirm whether you could reimburse the fuel charges when returning the boat.

What would be the compensation amount for delayed returns?

Usually, you are expected to return the boat on time. However, if there is any delay, there would be a compensation fee to give to the company. You should know it.