Form-in Place (FIP) Liquid Gaskets Market Competition, Forecast & Opportunities

Form-in place liquid gaskets are used in all industrial sectors like medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and appliance. The form-in place is an accurate technology and a consistent system which involves the process of applying a reusable elastomer seal on plastics and metal housings. The elastomer seal is applied directly on the edges of the closure and could be conductive electrically for EMI protection. The form-in place gasketing involves application of a liquid owing to which it can be carried out by programmable automation, automation in the process makes it highly accurate, repeatable and fast. Generally, the material used is a one or two part silicone which is metered precisely and then mixed. Once it is applied on the product, depending on the material of the product, it can be cured either at room temperature or in ovens. The form-in place liquid gasketing, a cost reductive technology, was initially applied in automotive industry as an alternative to die cut gaskets or extruded gaskets in moisture and dust sealing. It is beneficial when the design is more complex or in situations where the application of die cut gasket will result in loss. The initial cost of dispensing system is generally high and the available foam chemistries are limited, especially polyurethane.

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Form-in Place (FIP) Liquid Gaskets Market: Drivers

The factors driving the form-in place liquid gaskets market are related to the salient features or advantages of the FIP liquid gaskets which is stimulating the quick adoption of these gaskets in various industries. Advantages such as improved reliability, easier application and service, quick curing time, smaller cross sections, quicker adaptability, short lead times, excellent effectiveness in shielding and excellent adhesion are facilitating the adoption of the form-in place liquid gaskets and thereby fuelling the growth of the global market. Moreover, due to automation, the manufacturing costs are reduced, there is more room for precise gasketing which simplifies the data collection procedures and maintains the quality, reduced size and weight, convenient adjustment of the gasket as per imperfections in the housing due to robotic programming, automated dispensing is possible which facilitates quicker change over for new prototypes or different parts and no tooling costs associated with the FIP gasketing technology. The form-in place liquid gasketing also satisfies the requirements of designers with regards to environmental sealing, shock absorption and uniform conductivity in all electronic applications.  These drivers contribute to the growth of the global form-in liquid gaskets market.

Form-in Place (FIP) Liquid Gaskets Market: Restraints

The process involved in form-in place (FIP) liquid gasketing is a highly specialised process. It requires extensive programming and set up in order to confirm that the gasket works properly. Certain challenges are associated with this system. Limitations such as – they cannot be properly used on uneven or non –flat surface and problems relating to gasket thickness are questioning the growth of form-in place liquid gasket market. Moreover, the dispensing equipment might have problems; they might not be flexible all the time, and might not reflect the needed quality, capacity and performance. The dispensing equipment along with ovens might be expensive and hence unless there is volume buying of these equipment, a no-deal is recommended to avoid unnecessary risks. Hence while using the form-in place liquid gasketing it is essential to contemplate all the costs involved in the process. These limitations are the key restraining aspects of the form-in place liquid gaskets market. However, with proper calculation, the costs that are difficult to ascertain would prove that this technique is a more cost-efficient solution in gasketing.

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Form-in Place (FIP) Liquid Gaskets Market: Key Players

The key players involved in the form-in place (FIP) liquid gaskets market are Tangent, Vibra, Central Coating Co. Inc., VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc., New Precision Technology Inc., Parker Chomerics, Dymax and Delo Adhesives.

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