FlirtSavvy – Is he thinking about you after the breakup?

You are not able to sleep at nights after a breakup, because you are thinking of your boyfriend. Every place you go and everything you see brings back memories of the days of your relationship with him. Well, there is no need to be tensed ladies it is basic human psychology to think about your partner after a breakup. And to your surprise, it goes both ways. Yes, your boyfriend does think about you after a split. Men go through the same uneasiness and void when they breakup a relationship. When relationships enter a “no-contact” phase, most of the women wonder whether their partners are also thinking about them. Thus, the no-contact stage is a very frustrating one.

A common perception is that boys usually enjoy the breakup and don’t even bother thinking about the girls. In contrast, girls, on the other hand, cry and think about the boys all the time. This perception is very wrong. Behavioural psychologists suggest that boys do suffer the same emptiness after a breakup so watch out for these signs.

Signs that he is thinking about you

Behaviour psychology says that we can deduce what’s going inside a person through his behaviour, attitudes, and signs or expressions that a person displays. Using the same methods and techniques, our team of experts has brought a few signs that indicate that he is thinking about you in the “no-contact” phase.

Depression:Being depressed is one of the signs that he is thinking about you. But guys are good at emotional labour which means that they show emotions contrasting to the emotions they feel. A guy might simply show that he is hurt or might compensate by showing that he doesn’t care, both cases show that he is depressed and thinking about you. If he is sharing sad quotes or songs on social media or sharing his pictures of chilling with friends, both may be signs of depression.

Changes in appearance: Boys do like to make changes in their appearance to avoid these feelings of emptiness and regret when they breakup with their girlfriends. Boys try to grow a beard or might make some changes to their hairstyle.

Too much time on social media: This is the sign everybody can relate to.When we are in a sad mood or when we are thinking about something, we end up using social media more often. Same goes with men when they breakup, they increase the use of social media.

No matter how hard emotional labour guys show, there are still signs they give away, which tellthat men do regret when they breakup.