Five Unknown Fictional Disease That You Don’t Know

Fictional Disease

Fictional diseases are the diseases that are not real and found in Fiction and stories that are created to plot the story. There are many popular fictional disease created by writers and authors.

Here we have brought up five popular Fictional diseases that looks very dangerous. People even got scared by the name of such a disease. If they exist in the real world people will have to face unimaginable problems.

Get aware of this five Fictional diseases that have nothing to with reality.

Hanahaki Disease.

Hanahaki is a fictional disease which is based on Japanese Fiction in which a person suffering from the Hanahaki Disease cough petals of flowers and also roots of flowers gets grown in the lungs of the victim. The cause of the disease is a one-sided deep love that is when a person loves someone and in return doesn’t get love back then he gets suffered from this disease.

The only cure of this disease is that if the person whom he/she loves started loving him/her back the disease gets cured otherwise the disease worsened and the person dies.

Bazi Plague.

It is also one of the fictional diseases you can read it in The Gor series written by John Norman. It is a deadly disease with no known cure yet and the person suffering from it has to die in the end. Symptoms include yellowing of the eyes and pustules all around the body.

Blood Fire.

It is one of the most deadly fictional diseases that you can see. It can be read in the famous fiction Blood-Nation. This disease is based on a virus that originally infested in wolves sometimes back in two thousand years ago. It has different symptoms like invincibility, photosensitive etc. The first person got Infected was Chengis Khan


It also a fictional disease you might have seen it in the famous TV Series Game of Thrones which is based on the novel A Song of Ice and Fire written by Gregor RR Martin. It was first seen in the daughter of Stannis Baratheon’s Daughter. The skin becomes grey and it is a contagious disease which can be caused by the touch only.

Dragon Pox

It is also one of the most popular fictional diseases. You can read more about in Harry Porter Series. Its Symptoms is similar to Small Pox and Chicken Pox. It causes a lasting Ting which is green in colour. J K Rowling has written this famous series, Harry Porter. If you want to read more about this disease you can read in the Book Harry Porter.

Note: These are fictional diseases that have nothing to do with reality. They are just the Imagination of writers who have used them for the entertainment purpose in their books and novels.