Five of the Most Expensive Car Breakdowns! Do You Need Car Insurance?

During its lifetime, a car will be exposed to quite a bit of wear and tear, and more than likely become damaged at some point. This can especially be true if routine maintenance is ignored or bad driving habits are consistently followed. In some cases, the damage may be too extreme or the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car, resulting in it being scrapped or considered a total loss.

Below we’ll discuss five of the most common repairs that will set your pocketbook back.

Fuel injectors – Fuel injectors are what provide the correct amount of fuel to an internal combustion engine. Both gas and diesel engines have them, however the latter is considerably more expensive. One possible issue is a leaky injector, which can cause the engine to flood. Buildup on the fuel filter can also cause leakage and dirty fuel to enter the fuel injector resulting in black exhaust smoke and damage to the part. The average cost to fix a single fuel injector is around $320.

Timing belt – Timing belts get a lot of heavy use while an engine is running. Due to this they are one of the parts most liable to wear out quickly. Changing them consistently is a critical part to good mechanical hygiene. A broken belt can cause extensive damage to the rest of the engine. The average repair cost of a timing belt is estimated at around $449.

Transmission replacement – Under normal use a transmission should up fine, however when pressure is placed on it, like rough gear changes, it can accelerate wear. Many transmission failures occur also when a problem with the transmission fluid arises. In some cases, the transmission fluid does not get proper attention. It’s easier to forget to change transmission fluid than say get an oil change. This is mostly because it’s done less frequently. Replacing a transmission can set you back between $2800-3800 (large variability on make, model, etc.)

Head gasket – A head gasket is an integral part to an engine’s proper functioning. Some of the main reasons for a head gasket to blow are as follows: timing, cooling, or manufacturing errors. When this occurs there is a severe ripple effect in the engine. Coolant can leak and the chances of overheating go up significantly. The average repair cost of a head gasket is estimated at around $1,400.

Computer system error(s) – Modern cars are becoming more and more dependent on computers and software to function properly. In this case, the economics can become a major factor, combined with the fact that many car workshops don’t have to tools or knowledge to diagnose or repair a problem. This if often an issue for the manufacturer to address. Estimating the cost here is difficult, but it can range from insignificant to astronomical.

Car Warranty Experts – Click4warranty says routine maintenance can go a long way to avoid some of these issues and protect your wallet. Following manufacturer guidelines is generally a good idea. Keeping a record of maintenance can be useful, and getting a good insurance policy is smart. But above all else find a trusted mechanic if something does go wrong, your car will thank you.