Five Great Internet Tricks You Must Know

There are many internet tricks, which can help you perform your daily tasks efficiently and in less time. Some of the outstanding internet tricks are:

Accessing the blocked website

You can now access the blocked websites on the Internet. There are many websites that may be banned in your country, but directly they can be accessed from prom computers through VPN. Download and install the VPN app on your computer and then connect your server to some country other than yours. Now you will be able to open any banned website. The Internet has enabled you to access any restricted website from your computer or your android phone.

Downloading the websites for online surfing

The Internet has enabled the download of websites for online surfing. This trick is basically for the people who have issues with slow internet speed. They can use this trick to download and save the particular website for their offline surfing when the Internet is not available. This trick involves the following steps.

Visit the website you want to download for offline surfing purposes, then press Cntrl +S from your keyboard. Now save that website in whatever drive you want. Now through the saved file, you can view, open and use that website without internet availability.

Using Google as Notepad

In some cases, you require a notepad while surfing on the Internet and gathering the information. So here’s a tip for you. Now you can use the Chrome notepad to note down the essentials to remember them temporarily. The steps to use Google Chrome as a notepad are:

To use this internet trick, you are require to copy a code “ data:text/Html, <html contenteditable> “. Then open Google Chrome and go to the URL bar; here, paste this code. Boom, the Notepad is opened, and you can now use it. While surfing, you will note down the information on the notepad side by side to remember it.

Searching the incomplete lyrics or phrases

Due to busy routines, sometimes we are unable to remember the exact lyrics, quotes, or phrases in our daily lives. Whenever we try to remember and song’s lyrics, quotes, or any proverb, we often place it partially and with missing words. A great-known internet trick has made it easier and possible to identify them.

Putting an asterisk before a quoted sentence on the google browser will indicate the missing word and complete it. This makes it possible to find the term or information you have been looking for, but you can’t remember it. In this way, this internet trick will help you search the forgotten or incomplete phrases in google and if you are looking for games you should know how to enter the gungeon mods.

Searching similar images through Google

Many internet tricks and tips can provide ease in our daily life tasks. There is a trick through which we can get similar images we have been searched for and need. To search the related images through the Internet from Google, visit the “google images ” and then click on the uploaded image and provide the image you want to get similar photos. Google will automatically give pictures identical to that uploaded image from its database.