Find out which is the easiest option to activate your tezboxico and avoid any inconvenience.

The easiest option to activate your tezbox ico wallet is to enter it and provide your public key along with an activation code. By correctly performing this step, you will access and obtain a record of your movements. These are stored in a kind of accounting book in digital format that all these platforms have. You can enter your public key again to verify the efficiency of the process performed. The next process is the creation of your wallet to activate it and even restore it. The option to restore your wallet can be executed from its initial phase and a private key to ensure its security. You also can enter from your initial coin offering wallet.


The tezbox restore process for existing accounts offers you the ability to create multiple addresses using the wallet. Currently, you can restore addresses. By creating an account, you can generate a certain amount of income through the restore option. This is the preferred alternative for investors. You can select the restoration method you want to use on your account based on the benefits you can get.

It is common to use your tezboxico for fundraising and the procedure to execute this phase is simple. You only have to enter your account and provide the required data with your password. This will be the same that you must use in the accounts you decide to incorporate into your electronic wallet. After completing the entry process, you can go to the fundraising option and obtain income.

One of the great advantages that the tezbox access wallet offers you is the possibility of connecting your key devices. There is no limit of addresses to use your account or enter the wallet. You can even restore your accounts using a section so as not to clutter your portfolio record. This fact is known as multifunctionality and allows you to add and manage the accounts that you want. You can also save yourself the task of closing your section to perform any procedure on this network. A positive aspect is compatibility between the specialized devices in the backup of your keys.

The use of the electronic wallet can help to avoid scams and theft of money or identity. The data that is managed in the digital wallet is encrypted through the verification process. This fact implies that your password cannot be seen from your wallet or your account. This way, you can manage your funds more efficiently.

How useful is the backup in the process of restoring your account?

Backup is an essential process in the process of registering your account to validate its initial phases. This fact allows you to gain more control over your movements during registration. It is also important at the time of encrypting your data or entering your password. This option only requires a password to access all your accounts through the wallet. This way, you can access your accounts and open separate sections without using other options.

Digital wallets are the best option to back your assets safely and immediately. This digital model is characterized by a simple technology that makes it easy for you to store all your keys. When restoring your accounts, the security mechanism provides you with the necessary protection for handling your keys. You can perform any multifunctional operation without any inconvenience.

How does the login system work in the process of restoring your wallet?

You will likely need to enter a password during the wallet reset process. To access your wallet again, you can use the password and, failing that, you will have to restore it to access it.