Features of Cany Burst slot Game

Slot games is a very renowned casino game among both amateur and pro casino players. They are fun and easy to play. The introduction of the virtual platform has made them highly accessible too. slot games offer an extensive range of gaming options to play, thus keep their clients entertain and hooked for a long time.

Candy Burst is one of such gaming options that slot games offer to its players. They are highly entertaining and rewarding to their players. The theme of the game is candies and Candyland which makes the gaming experience sweeter.

Types of Bets Of Candy Burst-

This beautiful slot game offers its players betting options from range 0.20 to 50.00 which is a great betting standard and attracts many online casino players. To win the bet, the player needs to achieve a combination of four or more similar symbols consecutively either in the vertical or horizontal position.

Each symbol on the Candy Burst reel has its unique value and decides the winning amount that the player receives at the end of the game. The point associated with each symbol are-

1) Star symbol- 20 points.

2) Heart symbol- 10 points.

3) Square symbol- 8 points.

4) Ball symbol- 6 points

5) Circle symbol- 4 points.

6) Yellow Triangle symbol- 3 points.

7) Green Triangle symbol- 2 points

8) Blue Crescent- 2 points.

Features of Candy Burst-

Candy Burst is a slot game that has various fascinating features that makes it a very addicting game. Most of the feature comes into action during the cascading features when new symbols fall from the above to replace the winning icons of the reels. Moreover, this slot game also has sweet bonus symbols that are activated when five or more similar creates a winning combination. Let’s have a look at some of the features of candy burst.

1) Gummy Rocket– It is one of the special sweet bonus that is awarded when a winning combination of five similar symbols is created. The gummy rocket when activated explodes all the icons of either the column or row section where the rocket symbol is positioned

2) Mystery Sweet– This sweet bonus symbol is activated when a winning combination of at least seven or more similar symbol is created. When the mystery sweet bonus symbol is activated, a random symbol is selected and all similar symbol is exploded which finally result in a payout.

3) Chocolate Bomb- This tempting and chocolaty special bonus feature is activated when a winning combination of six similar symbols is created. After it is activated, all the surrounding symbol will be activated.

4) Combination of sweet symbol- When a combination of multiple sweet bonus symbols is created, then an explosion is created that offers various rewards.

5) Free spins- The scatter symbol of the candy burst slot game is a gummy bear. When a combination of three or more gummy bear is created, it initiates 10x free spins in the game. When the free spins rounds, begin you will also earn a 2x multiplier.