Fair conditions for the best buying experience and price comparison – Google CSS partner

Have you ever heard about shortcuts such as CSS in relation to Google? Or did you as a company wanted your product to be listed as an advertisement on top of Google’s search results to be visible for your customers immediately? Well, let me introduce how it works best for you as a company or retailer.

Our friend and helper; Google

Everyone wants to be on top of Google. If your client searches for something in Google because he or she thinks of buying a new backpack, they check the first offers they immediately see. I think everyone can relate to that. Nobody would really click through the next pages. That is why it is so important for webshops to be listed on the first page and even better; on top of the first page.

Google CSS partner

First of all, you have to differentiate between Google CSS and Google CSS partners. CSS stands for Comparison Shopping Services. Regular CSS stands for Google or better Google Shopping. It all began with that as the only visible advertisement on search results, but as you can guess, that was not fair. In fact, since only Google could list its products, the offer was not really competitive. Therefore, they had to change some regulations to serve fair market conditions for everyone. So, Google CSS partners were brought to life.

For that, simple auctions are done, which are instead for material things, for specific words – search terms. Google divides the words to different clients that suit and pay the best. Google Shopping is familiar to many of us as it lists the products, we look for on top of the search page. It costs money to be listed in those categories and Google gets a margin for that. CSS stands for a website that compares product offers from different online retailers. By clicking on the displayed ad, end users get directed to the retailers’ websites where they can make their purchase.

Why switching to a Google CSS partner?

The advantage of the use of CSS partners is that retailers no longer rely on Google Shopping as the only available CSS that promotes and displays the retailers’ products when searching something within Google. Your product can be listed on Google Shopping without paying Google. Moreover, clients using CSS partner programs do always have a second benefit which is an advantage over the ones who are using the classical CSS; Google Shopping. This is because Google keeps a 20 percent margin of the sum spended in the auction. Which means the one retailer using a Google CSS partner does not have to pay the margin and automatically wins the auction as long as both have bid the same amount.

Consequently, that means Google Shopping clients always need to consider and plan more money because they need to bear the 20 percent in the back of their minds. Switching to a Google CSS partner saves money and helps winning the auctions and therefore guarantees a better Google ranking. Additionally, it stands for certain conditions which must be respected. Switching to a CSS partner brings a lot of advantages and should be considered in any case!