Which Type of Fabric is Best for Sofa Covers – 2024 Guide


Taking care of the interior of your home is something that is constantly present. It is a role you cannot help but go back to whenever you have even a few minutes to spare and look around your home. There always seem to be things that you would like to change, upgrade, move around, and throw out. As people, we cannot help but wonder what things would look like if we changed even the tiniest bit about them so we fantasize about it until we actually do it. When it comes to the actual feel-good vibes of your home and the increased levels of comfort, there is a lot that can be done that is actually small and affordable but that goes a long way.

Homeowners far and wide wonder how they can take regular items that they have lying around and improve the look and feel of the rooms in their homes. Most would like to purchase a thing or two to refresh the place but they know not how to do it, where to start, and which store to even turn to. In order to make your house look better than ever and for it to be cozy enough for you never to want to leave it, you must first have a clear vision. Once you know what you want and why you want it, the only thing left to do is make it happen.

For example, the living room is usually the place where most of the family’s time is spent. Usually, those who want to somehow change their home start from the living room. The number of things in living rooms is usually higher than in other areas of the home as well as more diverse, so even the smallest change will be noticeable and feel big. For the purposes of this article we are talking about the sofas, or rather what you can do with your sofa(s) to make the whole interior look better. All you need are some sofa covers and your entire home will surely change for the better. Read on to learn more about sofa covers and which type of fabric is best. Once you are ready to buy some for yourself make sure to check out https://bankhoesdiscounter.nl/ and browse through their amazing collection.

It Depends on the Sofa


Before we talk about the specific fabrics that can match up nicely with your sofa, there needs to be a few words about the most important factor that should influence the decision. It is the very sofa in question with its design and fabric that should directly influence the final purchase. There is a huge difference between a leather sofa and other types of upholstery for example and the cover you get, both as a useful blanket-type and a decorator piece, needs to fit the right way. The size and the shape of the sofa are also worth considering because physical dimensions and style greatly limit certain types of covers.

All of this needs to exist somewhere in your mind and it needs to come forward when you start browsing different sofa fabrics. It is now time to talk about different fabrics and what they can bring to the equation. In the following section you will get the chance to learn why microfiber, cotton, and velvet offer the most in terms of style, quality, warmth, and diversity when sofa covers are the topic of conversation. Out of these three you should have no trouble picking the right choices for any type of sofa you may have.



A very popular option across the board irrelevant of the type of product and its purpose, microfiber is always a great choice. As a sofa cover there are numerous different color and style combination since it is one of the most dominant fabrics in the whole furniture and clothing businesses. Furnishing stores are rich with microfiber solutions so be sure to take your time. It is also a budget-friendly option most of the time and these covers can work with almost any type of room interior décor. The fabric is stain resistant enough for something that will be washed weekly or even rarer but it can also be cleaned with damp cloths. Since it is tightly weaved, it offers good resistance to pet claws. Still, it is not invincible and the furry friends will need to know their boundaries. Microfiber sofa covers are warm enough as a daily throw-over blanket even in high autumn and early winter months when the weather really starts to turn.

Cotton Twill


Is there a nicer and more applicable fabric for anything that touches the skin than cotton? Cotton is the go-to material for high-quality, everyday clothing and as close to 100% the items are, the better. Cost efficient and long-lasting, cotton twill is great for a sofa cover. The tight weave is strong and sturdy and the cover should last you for years on end even with a lot of daily traffic on the sofa. Children and pets will love it and have a hard time destroying it with the daily wear and tear. These covers can be multicolored, and they are a better option for hiding soil. The biggest problem with cotton-covered sofas is that you need to pay a lot of attention to flames and high temperatures around them. It is an extremely flammable fabric so no heaters and fireplaces near it!



Velvet sofa covers, sounds like something fit for a royal court doesn’t it? If you manage to find a cover that is made of highly dense wool or poly-blend velvet, it will be the most sophisticated option that you can go with. Not only will it survive a lot of daily wear and tear for years, but the light nature of velvet fabrics will allow you to use it in a wide variety of was both in summer and in winter. The natural cozy and inviting feeling transforms the entire room, not only the sofa, and gives it more comfort and style. It deals far better with flames and heat than many other options, but be sure toc heck the label to confirm this as there are many different types of velvet.