Tantra or tantric massages are quite popular for their effectiveness in helping to improve sexual pleasure. The massage is quite similar to yoga and helps in reinforcing physician and spiritual awareness. It mainly started in Berlin in the late 19th century. The massage ismajorly erotic and focuses on the main erogenous regions of the body which are the phallus, the anus and the vagina.

The london tantric massage does not only target the primary erogenous regions but also focuses on other spots the receiver never thought of as sexually sensitive. This helps the receiver enhance the pleasure that can be gotten from their regular sexual life.

What to know about Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a very unique form of massage as it focuses on the sexual exploration of the receiver. It does not necessarily aim towards orgasms; instead it focuses on the journey towards the peak of sexual excitement and pleasure.

The client’s main goal is to achieve a heightened sexual experience as the massage targets improving the client’s sex life and relationships by helping to harness sexual energy.



The masseuse is able to help the client relax and help connect with a better calm self that facilitates the attainment of heightened pleasure. The masseuse is generally very experienced and is most importantly very discreet. This places the mind of the client at rest and improves relaxation.

There are times when the massage takes place at the establishment or at the home of the masseuse and at other times in your home. Wherever the massage takes place, the atmosphere is made a major priority as a relaxing atmosphere allows for the proper relaxation of the client. The temperature, the lighting or the smell of the place could be adjusted to suit the client. A cool environment is very important and dim lights make the place better suited for a massage. This is because bright lights can prove irritating to the eyes of the client and disrupt the session. Hence, the lights can be lowered and candles lit to lift the ambience.

The massage majorly makes use of numerous techniques from different sectors such as yoga, sexual therapy and bioenergetics. These are all chanelled into a main massage process to improve the sensuality of the client. Therefore, the massage session is not only based on one technique but instead a number of techniques for the sensual satisfaction of the client.


Not all people feel comfortable with a tantric massage, so it might take time to get used to it. This massage session is purely based on personal preference and used to improve the sex life of an individual.

If you looking into tantra massage, it is quite important to keep in mind that the first session might take a while to get used to. However, proper relaxation during a massage session will enable you to get the best out of your tantric session. Respectable establishments can be consulted for the services of professional masseuse for tantric massage sessions.


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