Exclusive: Will the EFL let Chris Farnell take over Wigan Athletic?

This week, Wigan Athletic administrators have received a “substantial deposit” from what they call a preferred Spanish bidder for the Wigan Athletic takeover.

Whilst the well scrutinised administrators Begbys Traynor have reported the bidder wants to stay anonymous, we now know why as the Spanish bidders are a clever disguise and distraction for the involvement of Chris Farnell, the high profile UK sports lawyer.

Due to the controversial path Farnell has demonstrated with other clubs. Wigan fans are fearing confirmation that the worst news yet is to follow.

Farnell was previously involved in the liquidation of Northern English club, Bury, and also has a string of associations with other clubs including Charlton Athletic, who have suffered mismanagement, as well as some of football’s shadier characters.

Whilst Farnell’s past worries Wigan supporters, Farnell is well known for representing some of the world’s biggest talents including Tyson Fury, Cristiano Ronaldo as well as football managers such as Roberto Martinez.

Pulling the strings in a master plan to get around the EFL regulations, the UK lawyer is working closely with said football manager, Roberto Martinez and some Spanish investors. A shrewd tactic used by Farnell before, when a neighbour and friend of Farnell, Manchester business man Paul Elliot, was thought to be a convenient stooge for the sale of Charlton Athletic. The plan failed. It’s clear to see Farnell still has his eyes on the prize, and is doesn’t give up easily even when EFL roadblocks are put up against him.

Whilst the EFL puts procedures in place to protect itself from sports criminals and protect the interests of football clubs, Wigan fans eagerly await to see if Farnell’s attempt to get his hands on the club will be successful as he hides in the background until the takeover has been completed.

If this takeover commences, and the Wigan fails, there will be nobody else left to blame but the EFL.

Who will be the next club to go?