Everything you need to create your own lounge at home

With summer finally coming its way, it’s no wonder we want to spend all our days outdoors! In addition, with the gradual deconfinement, it is the perfect opportunity to invite a few people to enjoy the good weather in your yard for a little 5 to 7 in good company.

Would you like to know what are the key items to have in your backyard in order to create the perfect lounge to relax for an afternoon or to receive your friends?

Here are the 10 essentials to get to have the perfect outdoor lounge!

1. Outdoor sofa

If you plan to spend a lot of time in your lounge, it may be worth investing a little more money to get comfortable furniture! We particularly like the ” outdoor sofa ” style patio sets with their decorative cushions that give the space a relaxed atmosphere! Use seat cushions that have covers that you can easily remove to wash them if needed. This will ensure you have an impeccable resting area at all times!

2. Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are perfect for defining your lounge space while adding a good dose of color. We prefer those made of plastic since they are resistant to water and bad weather in addition to being ultra easy to clean! Plus, most outdoor rugs (even large ones) are pretty affordable.

Outdoor carpet, Réno Dépôt – $ 50.99

3. Parasol

If your outdoor courtyard is particularly sunny, parasols or shade cloths are a must! Depending on the space you have, you can opt for a traditional parasol that you can set up on your dining table, or a shade canvas that you can hang using hooks! You can also use some amazing 3d wallpaper ( papel de parede 3d ) which will give a complete different experience.

Patio umbrella, Rona – $ 89

4. Green plants

Nothing like pretty tropical plants to create an atmosphere worthy of hot countries! Potted palm trees, hanging planters, flower boxes and small cacti are great ways to add life to your space and turn it into a true oasis of peace!

“Majesty” palm tree, Rona – $ 16.99

Rattan planter, H&M – $ 39.99

5. Fairy lights

Once the sun sets, you will greatly appreciate this pretty (and very practical) light garland! It recharges itself using the sun’s rays, so you don’t have to plug it into the wall! We like the very enveloping effect and a magical touch that this type of lighting brings to outdoor spaces! Definitely a must!

Solar LED String Lights, Home Depot – $ 39.99

6. Lanterns

In addition to being decorative, the lanterns help to create a subdued and relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor space! Use them as a centerpiece, hang them from your pergola or balcony roof, or just drop them on the floor! To keep them safe, it’s always a good idea to use battery candles!

LED candle lantern, Rona – $ 9.99

Flameless Outdoor Candle, Rona – $ 5.99