Everything to know about terpenes

Cannabis is the plant that is used in medicines and for many diseases. Recently, CBD has gained the attention of the natural medicinal community because of its potential to treat a number of ailments. While CBD and THC have stolen the show, other chemical compounds found in cannabis have health benefits of their own. Terpenes are aromatic chemicals present in cannabis.

What are terpenes?

Have you ever passed smelled dried marijuana and noticed it smelt like pine? Perhaps the bud had a more citrus smell. This aroma of cannabis is given by terpenes that are present in it. Terpenes are aromatic chemicals that are present in the flowers of cannabis. Their almost 100 types are present in a single flower of cannabis or marijuana. These different types of terpenes give a new aroma to cannabis that makes it unique and pleasant.

Terpenes are secretions that are secreted by cannabis. Some other plants also secrete them. Their texture is oily and slippery. Each type of terpenes gives a new flavor and smell.

Full spectrum CBD is priced higher than CBD isolate because of the presence of terpenes. When CBD is extracted, full plant oils contain other cannabinoids and the terpenes from the hemp plant. Isolate products only contain CBD, leaving out the valuable terpenes. At Drip CBD Company, we curate our products to include both CBD isolate and terpenes. Providing a substantial amount of terpenes and CBD to maximize the benefits.

Types of the terpenes:

As already mentioned, more than 100 types of terpenes are discovered now. Each type of terpenes has its unique properties and chemical nature. That is why all the types have different functions. The following are some of the well-known terpenes.


Lavender plants contain linalool that gives its flower a rich aroma. This flower is most commonly used to cure asthma and other inflammatory diseases through aromatherapy. Most commonly, it is used in the form of oil that contains a high quantity of linalool.


As we can guess from its name that it gives a citric aroma. It is one of the most common terpenes. It is used as an antioxidant that saves our body from various disorders. Its citrus or lemon-like aroma gives a fresh touch to our body.


It is present in lemongrass and cannabis flowers. It smells like thymes. Myrcene is known as one of the strongest antioxidants that save us from oxidative damages. It can also save our brain from any kind of oxidative damage.


Plants like ginger, clove, and hope are the rich source of Humulene that is a type of terpenes. It helps us recover from asthma attacks and other allergic diseases. It also acts as a protective guard against cancerous cells.


It is most abundantly found in pine needles, rosemary, and basil leaves. It gives these plants and fresh and pleasant aroma that feels soothing to our mind and lungs. Its scent is considered a therapeutic aroma that helps in relieving stress. It also helps insomnia patients to recover soon.

CBD and Terpenes

Cannabis researchers have discovered that CBD alone isn’t as effective as CBD with terpenes. This cannabis synergy is known as the ‘entourage effect.’ Not only do terpenes have their own medicinal benefits, studies have shown that they help CBD perform better when taken together.

Terpenes are what gives cannabis its distinct properties. You may have heard of classifications like sativa, indica, or hybrid cannabis strains. There is much debate over this subject, but leading cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo explains that the biochemical chemistry (amount of terpenes) of the strain is what should be used to classify each type of marijuana or hemp plant.  For more on CBD and terpenes check out Dr. Russo’s interview here. https://www.cannabis-conversation.com/blogs/episode61


Many full spectrum products do contain terpenes; however, the amounts are insignificant. Companies charge exuberant prices for these products claiming that the presence of trace amounts of terpenes are worth the high price tags. However, there is no evidence that 0.0003mg of limonene helps CBD perform better or has any benefits at all.

At Drip CBD CO, we combine isolate CBD and terpenes to give users the benefits of CBD and terpenes at an affordable price.