Essential 8 To 12 Puppy Development Weeks: Know How To Take Care

When a puppy is in between eight to twelve weeks of age, it needs special care. This is because they are so young and leaving their mother in tiny age is difficult for them. Therefore the owner needs to take the proper care of an infant dog. Most people buy a puppy only because it is easy for them to make a friendly relation with the dog. At this age, any breed is harmless and perfect for teaching anything.

This is when the small puppy is learning to become an adult dog picking up behavior for them. These are the crucial years of a dog’s development that decide the complete future of the puppy. First, you need to know everything about the breed of your dog. You could easily know this from Dog Peer when you will buy a dog from them. They learn everything from the environment that they get and the type of experience they are given.

Physical Development In These Weeks

The physical development of a dog is very rapid, and if the breed is a large breed, you could accept them to grow into a complete dog in just three months. Commonly, young puppies will sleep a lot to help their fast-growing mind and bodies. In this week’s, they will indeed have problems in controlling urination and defecation. They may get scared so easily and could also harm themselves out of their curiosity. Remember these things and handle them safely and, most important, lovingly.

Changes In Behavior

When the puppy is at the age of 3 to 12 weeks, it is very common to get irritated and frustrated easily. Because they are in their age when they are very prone to fear and get fear from everything easily, handle your puppy with love to get attached to you and feel safe in your arms. Besides this, it is the time when the puppy needs its mother a lot, be caring so that they never feel the requirement or loneliness.

Take Proper Care Of Their Health

Young puppies do not eat much, but the growth that they are receiving makes it important to feed them properly. Therefore it is important to get multigrain dog food that provides all the nutrients to your dog. Never feed them the same food that you eat out of love for attachment. As their body is not suitable for human food, take proper advice from an animal nutritionist about their feeding habits. Then, feed them properly a dog food and make them the habit of eating the dog food.

Training Time

Dogs are very curious and unmanageable, but it is important to manage them and train them. For this purpose, you have to spend a lot of time with your dog, so that you could easily get friendly. Besides this, train them anytime when they are in a good mood because, in these weeks, mood swings are very common for a puppy. Therefore, handle them with love as they are sensitive and feel everything very rapidly, making them sad.