Erectile dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, is understood by experts as the persistent inability to get an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse and to maintain it until orgasm. Doctors speak of erectile dysfunction when erectile dysfunction occurs for six months or more. The terms erectile dysfunction and impotence are often used interchangeably. But impotence also includes sexual problems such as the inability to conceive or the absence of ejaculation.

Fortunately, medication  is very effective Cialis is one of them, but often also results in physical or psychological disorders. Depending on the type of cancer, sexuality is also affected. Surgical treatment of prostate cancer leads to erectile dysfunction in most cases. During the operation, the prostate is removed and with it nerves that are necessary for the erection of the limb. In recent years, more gentle surgical methods have been developed that preserve part of the nerve plexus for the erection, so that after the operation there is slowly a recovery of the nerves and thus a return of the erectile function.

But other surgical interventions in the small pelvis, for rectal or bladder removal, can lead to impotence.

In addition, exhaustion or a psychological blockage after the energy-sapping therapy have an impact on potency. For cancer patients, this means another obstacle on the way to recovery – because physical closeness and sexuality are among our basic needs that we do not want to do without.

How we treat erectile dysfunction

Before the therapy we talk to you, preferably also with your partner . Because depending on the partnership, the taboo subject of erectile dysfunction is more or less important. Erectile dysfunction treatment is based on information: what type of disorder is present, what can be done?

Treatment of erectile dysfunction does not make sense immediately after an operation. In particular, the use of active erection aids (see below) is not possible in the early phase after the operation, as these would cause too much irritation and pain in the newly operated area.

If an operation that is gentle on the nerves has been carried out, the doctor can prescribe so-called “PDE-5 inhibitors” around the fourth postoperative week. Before doing this, he rules out possible contraindications! If the erection does not recover on its own or on these Cialis there are some effective ways to get an adequate erection.

Active measures can only take effect a few months after the operation, but also in the first aftercare rehabilitation a year after the first intervention:

MUSE therapy: Prostaglandin (tissue hormones) given directly into the urethra works reliably. The procedure is not too cumbersome, we carefully train the men in it.

Corpora cavernosa auto injection therapy (SKAT): Prostaglandin injected directly into the corpus cavernosum is also reliable; careful training on self-injection is also possible here.

Vacuum pumps: A wide variety of manual or electric models are effective and lead to partial erections, which at least make penetration of the vagina possible.

How can inpatient rehab help?

The protected and much less taboo-laden environment of an oncological rehabilitation clinic enables you to have open discussions, appropriate information and, in individual cases, to actually try out methods.

We offer you the possibility of holistic therapy with an inpatient rehabilitation stay. Because sexuality is not a purely urological, internal or psychological issue. Our doctors, psychologists and therapists work closely together and have years of experience. We also offer you a protected environment as a framework for promising therapy. This makes it clear which method is actually suitable in the individual case.

A healthy lifestyle can have a positive effect on your erectile function and thereby also reduce risk factors for erectile dysfunction. We support you in achieving this. Important is:

to exercise regularly

to eat a healthy and balanced diet

possibly to reduce the weight

Avoid stress

refrain from smoking

avoid excessive alcohol consumption


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