Computers have become an integral part of our life. May it be our professional work life, or whether it is our personal life, the computers are taking care of most of our tasks. Sometimes it happens that the person is unable to complete the tasks on his own without the help of computers. Our dependency on these gadgets has increased with the passage of time. The scammers also know this fact and they tend to spoil this dependency of people on the computers. They know that all the professional data and the monetary transactions take place through computers, so this is the perfect place to steal from. Hence by hiding behind firewalls the attackers attack the computers through their vulnerable aspects. The command and control servers are the most common phishing procedures often known as c&c and c2.

How Command And Control Centers Execute Phishing Processes

The attacking or phishing jobs in the technological sectors are not random but in fact, it is very much calculated because there is no chance for any mistake. Hence the attackers devise steps. This whole process progresses step by step. Initially, they determine the method of attacking and taking control of the systems. Some of these methods of attacks are mentioned below:

1.      Using Emails

The email inboxes have become the primary places for the incubation of several viruses. The infected files are mailed to the people intended as prey. Once they click on that file to open it, in that specific moment they make a mistake and the system is now out of their control. Now the hacker or the sender of that email will be able to access everything on that particular system hiding behind a firewall.

2.      Browser Plugins

Browser plugins are extremely important since they offer convenience to the users. To ensure speedy works people install lots of plugins at the same time. In that similar instant, they forget to check the security certificates of these plugins. Therefore, they end up installing the plugins that are developed by fictitious organizations with the intent of harming other people. So, with the installation of these plugins, you have opened a gateway for others to snoop in your system by bypassing DNS filtering.

3.      Infected Softwares

The computers require specific programs or softwares to perform specific tasks. In the similar manner of browser plugins, people use loads of softwares. Some of these softwares are infected with viruses that can hand over the control of your computer to others.

What Can Be The Consequences Of Command And Control Servers

Although we have discussed that how the command and control servers bypass the security of your system, but their intent is still unknown. Below we have compiled a list of the possibilities that help us in understanding the reason for attacking your system:

1.      Stealing Data

The command and control servers can access data with the help of the implanted viruses and steal this data. They can not only steal the data but in fact, they can change it too. This can be a headache for the people since the shifts in data can bring down entire organizations in minutes.

2.      Shut Off The System Completely

In order to stop or interrupt your system from working the hackers sitting on the command and control servers with the help of their inside viruses can shut down your entire system and stop all the processes of an organization. This attempt may be caused for revenge or blackmailing activities. No matter the reason they have the power to bring huge losses to any organization or any person.

3.      Restart The Whole System For Interrupting Ongoing Processes

In order to interrupt you from working the command and control server can reboot your entire system. This can interrupt the ongoing processes hence in organizations it takes hours to achieve the same momentum. So, a huge loss is inevitable.


The progress of the world is startling for everyone. Every day we wake up looking at something new. These inventions and changes are very important for our survival but on the other hand, they have also opened new arenas for fictitious activities and only DNS filtering is your protective shield. Now people have to be more cautious especially when it comes to the security of their systems and save them from different malwares and viruses.