Electrochemical deposition technology is defined as the expertise and equipment used for the process of depositing materials on a work-piece which involves chemical reaction. This in turn is used in microelectronics and semiconductor fabrication back end and front end processes. Electrochemical Deposition also involves the reduction of metal ions from fused-salt, aqueous and organic electrolytes.

The global electrochemical deposition technology market is boosted by certain driving factors. The application of this technology in the microfabrication industry ranges from fabrication of integrated circuit chip, photo circuit board, NEMS, MEMS to chip packages and careers. This is because of many distinct advantages which cannot be achieved by other methods including simplicity, cost effectiveness, controllability, flexibility, and selectivity. The growth in demand for smaller and more efficient electrochemical components is another significant factor which propagates this industry. Besides, the production of small electrochemical chips needs advanced deposition technology. This leads to an increase in demand for the technology

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However, there are certain restraining factors which impede the growth of the global electrochemical deposition technology market. These restraints include issues in alloy deposit technology of metals with various reduction potential from difficulties of electrolyte stability, and a long investment payback period.In spite of this, the electrochemical deposition technology sector which is expected to witness robust rates of growth in the coming years with an ever increasing wafer size, and copper becoming one of the mainstream technologies.In spite of the hindrances, the global electrochemical deposition technology market is aided by attractive opportunities as  it is widely used for decorative and protective coating for new application in the electronics device. Thus with the increasing demand of electronics device the demand of electrochemical deposition technology will also increase. Electrochemical device manufacturers such as foundries, integrated device producers, and memory device manufacturers are the major consumers of the electrochemical deposition technology vendors.

The global electrochemical deposition technology market is segmented on the basis of deposit type, metal type,technology type,end user, and geography. On the basis of deposit type, the market is segmented into electroless deposition technology and electrolytic deposition technology. Electroless deposition requires no external power supply for driving the electrochemical reaction, while an external current source is needed for electrolytic deposition. The value and features of the deposition depend on many fundamental factors such as kinetics, electrochemical parameters, and mass transfer.

By metal type, the global deposition technology market is divided into gold, copper, solder, and others. The market is categorized based on technology into electroplating, photoresist strip, barrier or metal etch, thinning, wafer cleaning, CVD, PVD and others. On the basis of end user, the market is segregated into memory manufacturers, foundries, and integrated device producers. Over the years, the foundries market segment has remained relatively more dominating. An increase in demand for electrochemical devices, especially from developing the Asia pacific region countries, is expected to enhance the demand for electrochemical deposition technology in the near future. In order to cater to a rise in demand, founders are required to upgrade technology production units, and make sure that the throughput is high. This is expected to escalate the demand for electrochemical deposition technology during the forecast period.

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The global electrochemical deposition technology market is further categorized with respect to geography into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific,Middle East and Africa,and Latin America. In the recent past, the Asia Pacific region has been a dominant market segment. This growth is attributable to the fact that leading electrochemical foundries were present in this region. Besides, key vendors in this region have been investing in developing infrastructure including constructing innovative fabrication for increasing throughput. These forces are expected to fuel the growth generated in this market segment.

The key vendors in the global electrochemical deposition technology market areASM, DuPont, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Aixtron SE, Tokyo Electron, IHI, Canon Anelva Corporation, Plasma-Therm, IQE, and Veeco. Most of the leading market players are based in the Europe, APACand MEA regions, which have dominated the global market.

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