Every vehicle needs a heater, especially in winter. Without a heater, the windows fog up or become icy, impairing the driver’s vision. Since motors used in hybrid and electric vehicles do not produce enough waste heat for heating, alternative heating concepts are required. An electric parking heater offers a cost-effective and reliable way to heat a car interior. Incorporating an electric parking heater enables the driver to maintain a suitable temperature even when engine is not running. A parking heater is an electro-mechanical device that uses air or liquid (water) to warm/heat the interior and engine of a motor vehicle to a suitable temperature.

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Global Electric Parking Heater Market: Competitive Landscape

IAA International Automobile exhibition cars 2017 – Webasto launches electric parking heater. At IAA, Webasto introduced eThermo Top Eco, a new electric heater for motor vehicles with internal combustion engines, to expand its parking heater portfolio.


Webasto offers high-voltage heaters. All variants of these electric heaters utilize heating layer technology to efficiently convert electric power to heat with practically no losses. The heat ensures ice-free windows and comfort in the vehicle’s interior. The heat generated by the heater is simultaneously used to keep the battery operating temperature within the ideal range in order to ensure that efficiency is optimized.


With over 20 years manufacturing experience, VVKB has been a leading manufacturer of parking heater and block heater globally. The company’s parking heaters are widely utilized on trucks, cars, buses, caravans, and marine. VVKB’s parking heaters include Apollo-V1 parking heaters, Apollo-V2 parking heaters, Apollo-C1 parking heaters, Apollo-C2 parking heaters, and Apollo-C3 parking heaters.


Eberspacher is a Germany-based company that was founded in 1865. The company manufactures a variety of parking heaters for many applications. It is known for its products such as Airtronic, which is a fuel operated air parking heater; and Hydronic – which is a fuel operated water parking heater.

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Global Electric Parking Heater Market: Dynamics   

Guarantees safety by ensuring clear visibility

Sometimes, even a scraper cannot remove all ice from the windscreen. Even if it removes all the ice, there is a chance of getting humidity on the windscreen surface. This makes the car heater a perfect alternative for this, because it would melt all the ice, leaving behind a clear surface. Thus, vehicles would have clearer view; hence, enhance safety.

Low environmental pollution

The amount of exhaust gas produced by a vehicle while idling is much higher than that produced by a parking heater. Hence, using a parking heater to warm a car engine and passenger compartment reduces pollution. The low pollution factor is likely to boost the electric parking heater market during the forecast period.

Rise in Demand for Electric or Hybrid Cars

Demand for electric cars is expected to rise in the near future. Electric parking heaters can be used in these cars as an alternative solution for the fuel based parking heaters in conventional diesel engine vehicles.

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