It can be heartbreaking when you wake up one day to discover that you have strands of eyelashes on your hands. You wonder why especially since you don’t practice damaging eyelash habits like tweaking or pulling lashes. For many ladies, having full and long eyelashes is a must, and when the little they have started to fall off, they turn to lash extensions because they need to maintain the confidence their lashes usually gives them. Read Nourishlash reviews, The best eyelash growth serum in 2023 by customers ratings.

What many people do not know is that the reason for the loss of eyelashes is not only you pull your lashes which is due to uncontrollable reflex, but also because of the stress lash extensions place on the lash follicles.

The eyelashes like any other part of the body that experiences the death and growth cycle has the growing and resting (or not growing) phases and any interference with any of these phases will hinder the result that is expected normally. As such, you need to be careful when applying or removing falsies to avoid causing the follicles unnecessary stress and eventually breakage.

Fortunately, when lashes fall, they are bound to grow back even without help except if the cause of loss is medically or genetically related. Even then, there are treatments for severe cases of hair/ lash loss, so everyone is covered. However, it may take a long while before recovery of eyelashes occurs, and if the loss was severe, natural recovery without external aid might not give a satisfactory result as will be seen if an eyelash booster or treatment is applied.


It is now a usual thing to see so many suggestions of how to regain or improve eyelashes because the cosmetic market is daily experiencing an inexhaustible number of solutions to lash loss and essential oils are one of these solutions. One of the essential oils considered very effective for repairing and maintaining the eyelashes is Neem oil.

Neem oil contains fatty acids like linoleic and oleic acids that act as deep conditioning and moisturizing agents, restoring dry, malnourished lashes to health.

It has restorative properties that enhance and ensures healthy cells, thereby stimulating the function and growth of the hair follicles. Neem oil is an Omega 3 fatty acid that is good for reducing some skin problems such as acne. It is very suitable for every sensitive skins.

Neem oil is a natural remedy for dandruff and dry scalp hair. It is effective against several human fungi, including Candida, which is known to be a major cause of happiness. Many dandruff shampoos contain neem oil. Regular use of neem oil on the eyelashes can keep your eyelashes moisturized, and prevent breakage.

Neem oil can be used as a conditioning agent for rough and shiny hair. Using neem oil on your lash line will add shine to your eyelashes, separate clumped lashes and rehydrate parched strands.

Neem oil does not only condition and moisturize, but it also nourishes the eyelashes. It has a high level of anti-oxidants which protects the scalp from damage, thereby keeping the lash line in good health and promoting the growth of thick and long lashes.

To apply, dip a clean cotton swab into neem oil, apply gently on the recently cleaned lash line. Spread evenly and massage gently across the lash line.  Neem oil has a strong smell, so you can add sweet almond oil or any other light and sweet smelling essential oil to tone down the strength of neem oil. Almond oil is also rich in fatty acids, and so there is nothing to lose.