Different Types of Carpet Cleaners in the Market:

What Are Carpet Cleaners and Why Are They Important?

Carpet cleaners are the kind of machines that resemble a vacuum, but they have a purpose of washing and deep cleaning the carpets. They extract the dust from the carpet that are buried deep into it, and cleanses it completely with the help of a detergent and water. The reason carpet cleaning in Bolton is important is because a lot of people are unaware of the fact that the dust present in the carpets contaminate the air inside the house. So, the people who live in that house have a health hazard. Cleaning the carpets regularly can ensure a much healthier life and can protect your family from all kinds of diseases.

Kinds of Carpet Cleaner:

There are several types of carpet cleaners in Bolton. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The first kind is the hot water extraction cleaning which involves using high pressured hot water to dissolve the dirt in the carpet and to clean the carpet it deeply. After the entire process completes the carpet is then left to dry in an air-conditioned room. An average size carpet of about 3000 square-foot would take two hours to clean and four hours to dry.
  • The next method is carpet shampooing. This method involves the shampooing and cleaning of the carpet with a huge amount of soap and other lather. This method has a lot of disadvantages, because the foam residue stays in the carpet and it takes a long time to dry, hence re-soiling of carpet makes it even dirtier. It also makes the carpet sticky and makes it difficult to rinse off.
  • Encapsulation is also kind of carpet cleaning method. It works in a way that it crystallizes into a powder form when it dries, so that when these detergents are applied on the carpet. It crystallizes along with the dust particle so that when it is dusted off or vacuumed, the carpet is completely cleaned off.

Kinds of Carpet Cleaning Services:

There are three kinds of carpet cleaning services, i.e. Hiring the service from a company, renting the machine, and buying the machine. All of these methods vary in their prices but the cheapest one is the one with a rental service since it costs twice as less as the machine’s actual cost along with the detergent. The company will also recommend you the kind of detergent that will go with the machine to clean your carpets in the best way.

Final Thoughts:

To sum it up, the importance of using carpet cleaners and to know their different types is important, because it will make you realize what kind of carpet cleaner suits your needs according to your house. You will also know what kind of carpet cleaner your budget allows you to have. Any carpet cleaning company in Bolton will help you select the right kind of cleaner to fit your needs and provide you the service that will be worth your time and money.