Different Popular Varieties Of Nougat Across The Globe

Italian Soft Nougat

Today, as you sit shacked up indoors, staying away from public places such supermarkets, movie theatres, parks and food courts – there’s only one thing that you might be pretty annoyed about apart from the self-quarantine – the inability to self-gratify on an immediate basis, every time you crave for a food of your choice and want to order chocolates. There’s only one way you can gratify your sweet tooth; it’s by attempting to make nougat at home. 

At this point, even if you could order in chocolates, provided that they are still available in the marketplaces and shops, you wouldn’t, from the fear of contracting this lethal disease. Back in the 8th century too, there weren’t mass-produced candy bars for the masses to enjoy at their will.

That’s also the time when nougat first became popular. Yes, nougat predates any confectionary chocolate and assortment, back to its humble beginning around the 8th century. Then it spread across the European continent and became widely popular in the 17th century. They are enjoyed mostly, during the Christmas period. It’s safe to assume we can begin an early celebration on Christmas this 2023.

The Different Types Of Nougat:

Italian Soft Nougat

In Italy Nougat isn’t actually known by that name. Italian nougat is generally known as “Torrone”. Torrone was first created in a place in Italy called Cremona in honour of a wedding celebration for one of the popular aristocrat’s of the time back in the 15th century. The most common reason for it being named Torrone was that it resembled the shape of the bell tower the Cathedral in Cremona, also known as Torrione. It could also be named after the annual festival that takes place in Cremona, called – The Torrone Festival.

Today, nougat from all over the different regions of Italy are quite popular and craved for the variety they are made with. Some of those Torrone’s from the different regions of Italy are from the places called – Alba, Novi Ligure, Piedmont, Siena, Calabria etc. Sicily’s version of nougat is made using the Arab roots of their precedence in those regions, whereas, the Sardinian version was made with 100% Sardinian honey and no amounts of sugar.

If you are wondering where to buy this  Italian soft nougat, then you can buy Italian nougat on online Italian food platforms that get you authentic Italian ingredients, canned items and packaged foods along with many versions of the Italian nougat from different regions. Order away right now! You will not regret it.

France Nougat

The France version of nougat was produced in the Provence region from back in the 16th century. In France, nougat is known as ‘nougat’ in the Middle Ages. The name comes from the French phrase ‘tu nous gates’ which means – ‘you spoil us’. France has two official versions of nougat.

  1. Traditionally crunchy black nougat that is made without using eggs and,
  2. The soft white nougat, known famously as “Nougat de Montelimar, which uses lavender honey, almonds and pistachios to make a perfectly soft nougat format.

Spain Nougat

The nougat made in Spain is known as Turron or Torro, introduced to Spaniards by the Arabs but Spain claims that the nougat has been present among their culture for over 50 years. The Spanish also produce Turron during the Christmas season.

Turron de Alicante is produced making use of toasted Marcona almonds, orange blossom honey, sugar and egg whites. This gives it the creamy white colour and a hard, crunchy texture to chew upon. This makes it last longer than normal nougat in mass-produced chocolates today.

Persian Nougat (Iranian)

Persian traditional nougat is popularly known as, ‘Gaz’ in the Persian language. This nougat originated from the city called Esfahan, located in the central Iranian region. The difference between Gaz and all European ones is the source that gives it sweetness. Persian Gaz does not make use of sugar or honey but instead uses the sweet, milky coloured sap of a desert plant. They also make use of almond kernels and rosewater.

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These are the four different types of nougat you can purchase in the market; however, they are best bought in their own countries for authenticity. Among the four types, the Italian soft nougat can be bought from authentic Italian food websites, so that answers the question – “where to buy nougat”. However, it would be better for you to try making nougat at home during these troubling times. Consider that as an option as well.