Difference between Serial Advance Technology Attachment and Soiled State Hard Drive Hosting

There are two types of drives mainly; the SATA (hard drive) and the SSD (internal hard drive) used in web hosting servers. A common knowledge that everyone has about drives is that they are portable equipment of a computer or laptop in which you could save your data. The same way, they are used on servers that host your websites.

Now, there can be times when you want to change the drives of your computer or may need to move your website from SATA to SSD hosting, and for those times you should know about these two drives (SATA and SSD).

There could be any reason for wanting to change your drive. Such as; your programs are loading very slow, your drives are out of storage capacity, or perhaps someday you open your PC and see the ‘blue screen of death’ with a message of unmountable boot volume (if you have an installation disk you can save your data (maybe), if not then you buy a new drive) and many other reasons.

The same senerio can be on servers end and you may lose all your website data if your hosting company isn’t taking auto backups in separate devices to keep your data secure. In such cases, you may face downtime, high bounce rate and increase in customer dissatisfaction. Make a good choice to buy hosting from reliable company.

No matter what the need or situation is, you should know about hard drives. So, today we will discuss SSD (Soiled State Hard Drive) & SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment), and we will talk in standard terms rather than technical terms, to reach a broader audience. This will benefit every single individual to understand the difference between SSD and SATA.


SATA, which is an interface or in other words it is a protocol that communicates between storage devices with the motherboard, and hence the CPU. So, let’s suppose you click on an application, and the code which is necessary or required to run the application will be brought from your storage device to your CPU through SATA. A communication endpoint (Port) that permits you to connect storage devices to CPU is called SATA ports. Principally it the path that connects your storage data to your CPU.


An SSD stands for Solid State Driver and is a type of storage device. You most likely know about USB memory sticks. But, SSD does not use a mechanical disk but uses flash storage. This difference makes SSD work MUCH faster than a regular hard drive.

Here are some difference between Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) and Soiled State Hard Drive (SSD)




SATA Cables are flexible and thinner   SSD uses less power supply
SATA does not have jumper cables, and because of this, no fussing with Master/slave/cable select setting.   SSD boot time is approx. 10 sec.
SATA Transfer rate is very higher.


  SSD is more durable
Cable management is easy, and cable length are manageable.


  SSD cost more or expensive.


RAID handling is better in SATA.


  Moving part not contain in SSD


SATA is equipped with Native Command Queuing (NCQ).   SSD support disk encryptions
SATA supply an external interface.   Due to High-speed transistors, which cause the heat in SSD.
They are not very expensive.   Data recovery is complicated for SSD.
They are commonly available.


  They boot faster than SATA.
    They are faster in calling up data.




These were some of the differences between SATA and SSD in both for your personal computer or for your website hosting. The verdict is that if you are looking for more data saving for less money, than SATA hard drive computers or servers will be the perfect choice for you. Because with SATA, you can save more data with less money. However, if you want more or less the same feature but expensive than SATA drives, go for an SSD hard drive laptops or online servers.

Now that you have briefly learned about what both drives are along with their specifications, you should make the hard drive choice knowledgeably. If you want to buy a drive for your desktop, then before buying a drive, check your desktop to see if it has more than two slots and if it does have more than two, then you can buy both kinds of drives. You can have both disks installed in your PC and enjoy speed and good capacity at the same time.