Difference between Managed Hosting and VPS Hosting

This article will guide you whether you should opt for a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a Managed hosting. Does it matter? Yes, it does matter. If you choose an inappropriate hosting option that will end up you costing you both time and money implications.

So, researching varying hosting options from various providers can be confusing and frustrating. To help you to choose the best hosting between managed hosting and VPS, we have discussed their pros and cons and which option is better. This post will assist you in determining which is the best fit for you and your business.

Managed Hosting

Managed website hosting is generally when an organisation offers a wide range of services in addition to common server space that can make running your website much more comfortable.

As compare to VPS hosting options, buying managed hosting packages provides you access to a network of professionals working in the background. Moreover, they will walk you via the method of integrating your site onto their server farm and taking over the day to day running of your website.

Furthermore, getting a team of professionals performing with you opens up a lot of opportunities. Moreover, despite navigating the hosting steps by yourself, you will have experts at your beck and call to manage each and everything from site migration to security.

Key Advantages:

  • Managed hosting is more uncomplicated because all the issues like updates, backups and other things that are part of owning a site are all governed by other professionals.
  • Its managed solution is also very safer because those same professionals manage all prevention measures to prevent your website from hacking attempts and other threats.
  • Additionally, it can scale along with your traffic requirements and continue running smoothly.
  • Furthermore, a host like that will contain the infrastructure and staff to manage surges in the visitors’ numbers, as your site does not go down when it’s most busy.


  • Off course, there are few drawbacks of managed hosting such as, you will have less control over your website since someone else’s a professional team will look after your website.
  • It contains so many restrictions to the type of website you can run.
  • Furthermore, it will often prevent you by using specific plugins. They are more incompatible with server architecture.
  • Moreover, its price can go higher when you add on additional benefits and services.
  • Although, managed hosts are fixing their prices more comparable with VPS.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting specifically means you will be hosting your website on an independent, private partition of a physical server. VPS hosting keeps your files separate from other sites. Further, it will command fix share of system resources.

Moreover, VPS hosting offers you a lot of control and flexibility and combines the best of shared and dedicated hosting.

Furthermore, if you possess useful information about the Linux Operating System, with VPS, you can more comfortably ensure uptime, reliability and the stability of your server.

Key Advantages:

  • As explained in the disadvantages of Managed hosting, VPS hosting provides more flexibility and control.
  • There will be nothing happens unless you wish it to and any task that does happen on your site passes via you.
  • Moreover, with the Linux Operating System, you can make multiple cPanels and configure them to your liking. This factor is also opposite to the managed hosting where you have to wait for the host’s team to implement changes and updates.
  • Another fantastic feature is that you can do this for many websites regardless of whether they are hosted in wordpress or not.
  • Here, in VPS hosting, you will not bound to any one’s content management system.
  • Shortly, with having a little how know about technology, VPS hosting, let’s you do whatever you wish to do on your server.


  • If you don’t consider yourself a “tech person” you may not be thrilled by the angle of managing technical challenges on your own.
  • Its price is also an essential factor, as renting a VPS hosting can be pricey.
  • Plus, you attain a lot less handholding for it.
  • Furthermore, VPS hosting provides you with less support, like managed hosting.
  • It lacks other various essential features, again, if you have the technical knowledge, you will be monitoring and controlling your site on your own.

According to Fastest Hosting, managed hosting is best for simplicity to keep your website working smoothly with other professionals managing most tedious things for you. VPS Hosting is best for those people who are looking full control and making decisions for themselves.