Deisy Suarez-Giles – An Aesthete Spa Owner

Deisy Suarez-Giles

All of us have some dreams from childhood which we want to achieve in future but a very few of us can be determined to change them in reality. As an adult, we know that it takes a lot of willpower, strength of mind and a bit of luck to focus on the same dream and attain it. These few people include our beloved Deisy Suarez.


Deisy, from childhood started making scrubs and mud masks in her kitchen and now is the owner and founder of DESAUR spa, situated in Downtown Los Angeles. She has been in the same business for sixteen years. She started as a consumerist and opened her own cosmetics shop, named DESAUR Cosmetics. She was, then, a makeup artist trained in the amazing city New York. She kept on hard work, used her skills and art and finally created her own Spa, DESUAR.

Now, she has the license of esthetician and got certified as a massage therapist. Still, she is acknowledging her work in the field of spa, skincare and esthetics to be an ideal and perfect in the industry. She is also working for the wellness of people and gives speeches on field-related subjects. She had always been a hard working girl as her educational background told. From the University of California Irvine Continuing Education Division, she has a Certificate of Spa and Hospitality Management.

Before going on more details, you should know that Deisy Saurez is not only a businesswoman but a speaker, a philanthropist, a wife and a mother of two sweet baby boys. Beside of all the family responsibilities, she, being an amazing house wife and mother, manages her work duties well in the Spa and other places.

She had visited more than 150 spas all over the world. Due to her specialization in the industry and her experience of 15 years, she has earned the name of “Spa Connoisseur”.

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A Little about DESAUR Spa

If you are interested in going to the best spas then we present you Desaur. Desaur is located in the heart of downtown LA. The high-end relaxing treatments and healing offers are the most fabulous gifts of this spa. Moreover the other deals like waxing, facials, saunas, body scrubs and even CBD is worth spending money on. Deisy and her team are very passionate about their work. They provide the most caring environment that you will definitely forget about your problems. To learn about their schedules, go to .

COVID Days with Deisy

When COVID hit, all the businesses were shut down temporarily and so was the DESAUR spa. But our Deisy wasn’t used to inactivity. With all the extra time and demand from her husband and friends, she started writing a book. She said that besides the adventure of her Desaur spa, her journey towards marriage including finding her husband, is very adventurous, hence, she wrote a book about it, naming ‘Marriage Material, How I found my husband’. Her book got so famous that it is now available on the Amazon. Follow the link below if you want it too.