If you’re a small business, especially in our current environment, every penny you spend has to be a smart choice. Growing a company presents a myriad of choices that can be exhausting: do you conserve money and develop a product or service, or do you spend money to advertise the product or service you have? If you are spending money on advertising, what’s the best route to take? Where are your customers going to be, and how do you reach them?

Deimira Baidoo helps companies navigate these complex decisions every day. His Calgary-based agency, Melcom Group Ltd., provides resources and strategy to help small and medium-sized companies across a variety of industries make wise decisions as to how to improve their reach and gain more customers.

In our world of digital advertising, knowing what services to use can be a daunting task. There are a plethora of options available, with different benefits and drawbacks for different types of companies. One way small and medium-size companies try to gain an edge in advertising is through the immensely popular Google Adwords, which help deliver targeted advertisements on a pay per click basis for people searching for certain terms. Baidoo advises the companieshe works with to not immediately go the route of Google ads, but to focus instead on the world’s largest social network, Facebook, to meet their advertising needs.

Why? Simply put, if you are aiming to get a lot of eyeballs on your content, without paying a high cost for every click on your advertisement, Facebook’s rates are simply unbeatable in terms of the reach you can generate. It’s possible to gain several hundred thousand or even a million or more people who are targeting in the ballpark of your content to interact with what you have, follow your page, visit your website, sign up for a demo, or more. With Google AdWords, the same marketing budget that would allow you to reach 100,000 people on Facebook might only generate a significantly lower number of clicks.

“Facebook’s advertising service, on a per-view basis, is a fraction of the cost of Google Adwords… there are few better ways for local businesses to reach such a wide audience with so much functionality, all for such a limited cost,” Baidoo explains. Baido does think Google Ads can still be useful with a very targeted audience or if a single click can generate a high return on investment. But Facebook advertising is still the most cost-efficient option for most companies.

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