Dedicated servers and VPS

A dedicated server is a service consisting in providing the client with a physical server with or without an operating system exclusively for his needs. Besides, to sample VPS servers, we can prepare an offer for any physical server following the indicated minimum parameters and a selected system from the Linux or Windows family. The Direct Admin administration panel is also available.

To find out what our server room looks like and what conditions it offers, see “our server room”.

How to prepare a best dedicated server hosting uk for the Minecraft server? Server colocation hosting for online games.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Many millions of users are constantly building blocks and looking for adventures, playing in single-player and multiplayer modes. To play together with other players, it is necessary to use special servers provided by other users. You can also try to make a free dedicated server for Minecraft. If you want to create a server with or without mods, you can choose between adventure, survival or PvP combat mode. Once you know the basics and are interested in greater reach, you can decide to buy an external, paid server that will allow you to simultaneously play a sufficiently high number of players.

How to prepare the server for Minecraft?

Servers, available in multiplayer in Minecraft, require professional colocation hosting, advanced software that is available free of charge on the Internet for download from, among others, the official Minecraft website. For more advanced needs, you can opt for a paid dedicated server, personal email hosting, etc. This is a prerequisite for efficient communication between players – it gives the ability to track the current status of activities on the field of play.

How should a good dedicated Minecraft server have?

Dedicated servers for a specific game – in our case Minecraft – provide the best performance of online games without unnecessary interference. To choose the right server for the game, pay attention to the following parameters:

1. Resistance to DDoS attacks – these are network attacks on opponents and their servers, contradicting all the rules of fair play. The advanced server will have implemented a protective mechanism against this type of activity, blocking the sources of attacks.

2. High technical capabilities – specially adapted processors allow for much greater game performance. High frequency and write speed optimize smooth game operation without the risk of delays.

3. Efficient technical support – it is good for the server to have active and fast-responding technical support available, providing support in crisis moments.

Special colocation uk servers are available on the Internet for hosting Minecraft games. They are dedicated to a specific player. A dedicated server requires no configuration or manual management. Basic servers allow you to play games designated by the administrator. More extensive ones allow you to use the space on the website, module with payments or access to TeamSpeak servers. Each server has its pros and cons. For Minecraft, the online gaming server will be the right place to play online with other users. Dedicated servers for Minecraft are recommended to professional resellers as well as game developers and the entire gaming community.

Demand for dedicated servers. Who needs them the most?

Dedicated servers have been gaining popularity for some time. Although it is a more expensive solution than shared hosting or VPS servers, large companies are more eager to choose it. In what cases will it be better to buy a dedicated server? For which websites is it recommended? Or maybe it has other uses?

Dedicated server – tailored to your needs

A dedicated server is nothing more than a physical machine that is entirely at our disposal. This means that we can configure it ourselves, manage hosted data or security. We can freely use all the resources of such a machine, i.e. RAM, disk space and computing power. Dedicated servers guarantee reliability and high performance due to the use of professional, top-quality devices and components. However, it is worth remembering that we will need an administrator to manage a dedicated server.