Dead Tree Removal: Why You Should Remove Dead Trees

Adding beauty, privacy, and providing shade, trees are a wonderful part of any landscape. However, it is not uncommon for trees to die. Lightning strikes, uncurable diseases, uncontrollable pest attacks, and age are some of the main causes of tree death.

If this is your first time dealing with a dead tree, you may not understand why having lifeless trees on your property may be a bad idea. Dead trees tend to be a host of a wide range of problems – this is why investing in dead tree removal is important. Below, we will show you why you should remove dead tree as soon as you possibly can.

Why You Should Invest in Dead Tree Removal

1.    Dead Trees Attract Termites

Dead trees are extremely attractive to a wide range of pests. Tree pests will seek out the tree and set up shop. Some of the pests will use the tree as a living space while others will graze off the fungus and bacteria that often grow in the bored tunnels. Some pests will feed on the tree itself. Some of the common wood dwellers include:

  • Wasps
  • Fly larva
  • Beetles
  • Mosquitoes
  • Hymenoptera
  • Bees
  • Termites
  • Carpenter ants

These pests tend to multiply pretty quickly. In addition to spreading to healthy trees nearby, these bests may also attack your house.

Rats are also known to create their nests in dead trees. These rodents will eventually invade your home to find food and additional shelter.

2.    The Tree Can Topple Over

Dead trees aren’t strong. This means that they can easily fall over. Telling when the tree might fall is not possible – this means that the tree can fall when you least expect it to.

If the tree falls, it will probably land on your house, your car, your neighbor’s property, or an unexpecting individual. To repair the damages, you will probably have to spend thousands of dollars. If the tree falls on someone, you may need to spend a lot of money on hospital bills.

It is important to note that if a dead tree falls and causes damage to your home, you will most likely have to pay for the expense out of your pocket. Many homeowners’ insurances do not cover damages caused by a tree if the tree should have been removed before, say, a storm caused it to fall.

By working with professionals like to remove dead tree, you should save yourself a lot of money. Compared to the amount you would spend on repairs if the tree falls, the amount you spend on dead tree removal is very minimal.

3.    Branches May Fall

While the entire tree may take longer to fall, its branches may not. Weakened branches from dead trees often fall during a storm and on windy days. While they may not cause as much damage as the whole tree, they can also cause expensive damages.

People walking beneath the tree are also at risk. A huge branch falling on someone walking beneath the tree can easily cause serious injury and in worse cases, death. If you remove dead tree before its branches start falling off, you won’t just save your property, you will also be saving someone’s life.

4.    It May Impact Other Trees

If the tree was killed by a disease, keeping it on your property increases the chances of the disease spreading to other healthy trees. Just like with diseases that affect human beings, most of the diseases that affect trees are contagious, and they can move from one tree to the other. If your tree had the following symptoms before death, there is a high likelihood that it died from a disease:

  • Yellowish wood
  • Blotchy, spotted leaves
  • Sunken or swollen areas
  • Wilting
  • cankers

By allowing one dead tree to stay on your compound, you could be risking losing all your other trees. Removing all the trees and replacing them will be much more expensive compared to getting rid of a single tree.

5.    Dead Trees Reduce Your Property’s Aesthetic Appeal

This does not fall in the “urgent” category. However, for most people, their home is a source of pride. If you have seen a dead tree before, you already know that dead trees aren’t attractive.

Dead trees lack leaves, they have falling branches, and the back is usually peeling off – this impacts your yard’s appearance automatically. When your property’s curb appeal gets impacted, your property losses value.

If you are selling your home soon, dead trees can significantly reduce the amount of money you get from the sale – investing in the dead tree removal can help you achieve a 100% return on investment. Additionally, the last thing you would want when you are trying to sell your home is tree toppling over and damaging the entire property.

Can You Paint or Decorate a Dead Tree?

While this can help restore the tree’s aesthetic appeal, it is not recommended.Decorating the tree will not eliminate the risk of falling – this means that the tree can still fall and cause damages. Even if the tree is isolated you mustremove dead tree before it causes an accident.

As noted earlier, knowing when a tree might fall is impossible. Every tree is different – there is no knowing when it can fall. If there was knowing when the tree may fall, decorating it until a couple of weeks or days before it falls may be a good idea.

However, sometimes dead trees that appear strong can fall during the next storm. This is why it is recommended that you work with dead tree removal professionals as soon as possible.

You Should Let Professionals Remove Dead Tree

While turning the dead tree removal into a DIY project can be appealing, it is not the best idea. To remove the tree without causing damage to your home, tree removal experience and the right tools are necessary.

While you can rent tree removal tools, you still won’t have the necessary experience if you have never removed a tree before. Tree removal professionals will arrive at the tree removal site armed with the right tools and years of tree removal experience.