David Star Company is leading company in tourism and education fields that operates in both Russia and Iran. David Star always stays on the top due to the professionalism, experience and the quality of services that we have. Our company stays up-to-date with all the innovations and novel technologies that appear every second in our modern world. We never stop, so that we will be the best and the most contemporary!

During the corona virus pandemic, David Star Company managed to overcome all the difficulties of remote work and became ever more efficient and reliable. All our clients stayed completely satisfied with the work we have done for them during this impossibly hard time. We grew, we evolved and now we are ready to be the best company for you! David Star Company facilitates your plans to become true as much fast as possible, providing you with all the necessary information and documents. David Star Company is definitely your choice, if the qualities that you appreciate more are trustworthy, loyalty and positivity. We never give up before boundaries or problems; David Star is always concerned about every client that it has and guides them from the start point until the very end. We resolve every little problem, we care and we do not let you stay alone against any kind of wall on your way. We know about every little change beforehand, sometimes we reveal the new information and new aspects of special kind of work before the changes were even done! When it comes to our workers, we can say that they all overcame a long process of being accepted on the positions that they occupy in David Star. We examine every employee, regardless of what kind of position or on which level he or she is going to work on. David Star Company has a goal to assure you that all the nuances or details will be worked out as soon as possible. If you have any kind of questions regarding our work, you can visit our website and acquire all the necessary information. In case, the information you was looking for is somehow is not reflected on out webpage, you are welcomed to write straight to us using an e-mail ot the special option on our website.

Since David Star Company is an international company, our employees speak three different languages being Farsi (Persian), Russian and English. This way, if any of these languages is more comfortable and easier to understand for you, you can require a specialist that will work with you using the language, which makes you feel more comfortable. What is even more important that definitely worth mentioning is that employees of David Star Company have high education and post-graduation degrees that allow them to think outside the borders and be open-minded people. That is why they provide you with the best possible services and become your best guides into the work you need to be done with our company. Politeness is also one of the most essential aspects of our daily work and routine. David Star Company realizes how important it is to have good, trustworthy relationship with our clients. That all is a part of our fundamental rule that our clients are always a prior to every other aspect of our work.

We are equipped with all the necessary agreements, licenses and other documents that allow us to work completely on a legal base without facing any kinds of problems. We are well-aware of all the nuances regarding our work in both Iran and Russia, that is why we are ready to take all the responsibilities. David Star Company is much concerned about its clients and the services that we provide them with. If you still have any kinds of questions regarding our work, you can use our website to learn more about all the aspects of our work. On our website you can find everything you need to learn more about your opportunities of working with us. David Star Company invites you to become a part of our big journey to the better and more convenient future life!