The 10 SEO KPIs Your Search Agency Should Be Tracking

The key performance indicators are essential in an online marketing campaign. They indicate the success level of the campaign. If the KPIs indicate a positive result, the campaign is heading in the right direction. If not, there should be changes in the approach. Perhaps, new tactics can boost the company’s ranking online. Below are 10 of the most essential SEO KPIs to consider. The best SEO companies in Minneapolis understand them and will help use them to the company’s advantage.

1. Organic traffic 

It refers to the number of people who visited the website. Organic traffic is a result of an impressive performance in the search engine ranking. If more people visited the website, there’s a good chance that they will become customers. However, it’s crucial to take this metric cautiously. It doesn’t give a complete picture, and not all these visitors will turn into customers.

2. Search rankings 

Of course, the main goal of search engine optimization is the rank high in Google. If the website continues to grow and glow, it shows that the marketing campaign is in terrible shape. Reaching the first few pages of Google is a positive thing. However, there should always be an effort to move higher if possible. Most people won’t go beyond page 1, and no one can see the quality content posted on the website.

3. Conversion rate

The conversion rate refers to the number of people who visited the website and decided to become customers. If it’s high, it means more profit for the business. The problem is that some marketers might misread the conversion rate. Just because it’s slow as 2% doesn’t mean it’s a massive failure. In fact, it’s already a high number for a conversion rate. Depending on the industry, the average conversion rate is only around 1 to 3%.

4. Bounce rate

It refers to the number of people who left the website upon opening it. A high bounce rate is a bad sign. It can mean a lot of things. It might show that the users didn’t like the information presented. They might also find it irrelevant. Web design also has a significant effect on this metric. If the bounce rate continues to go up, there should be immediate changes in presenting the information on the website.

5. Click-through rate

It’s not enough to win the search engine battle and rank on page 1. If the click-through rate is low, it shows that people who saw the link on the first page didn’t click on it. There should be changes in the headlines and meta descriptions to convince people to click on the link.

6. Mobile usability report

Most people use their mobile devices when having transactions online. Therefore, the business should have an effort to improve mobile responsiveness. This report indicates the potential issues faced by mobile device users. Technical changes are necessary to make the website more mobile-friendly. The best SEO companies in Minneapolis can help analyze the reports and suggest changes.

7. Page speed

Websites should load quickly. People are impatient, and they won’t wait for too long before closing the tab. If the website has issues, they will instantly leave. Remove unnecessary elements, and stick with what the people need to know. Regardless of the device used, the website should load quickly.

8. Return of investment 

It is an important metric to analyze since it refers to how much the company spends to advertise. If the return of investment is high, it means that the money is well-spent. Otherwise, there should be a change in strategy. There might also be some budgeting issues to address.

9. Pages per session 

It helps to know how many pages users visited before leaving the website. The only issue is that it also doesn’t give a complete picture. Sometimes, these users already know what they’re looking for. They will visit the contact page and leave. Instead of browsing the website, they would rather give the company a call. Use this KPI with a grain of salt.

10. Top exit page 

Eventually, users will leave the page. If they left the website after feeling satisfied with what they got, it’s understandable. However, if they left the page where they shouldn’t, it’s a problem. It reveals a similar problem with a high bounce rate.

Let the best SEO companies help 

These are only some of the crucial metrics that will determine if the business is doing well in online marketing. The best SEO companies in Minneapolis can help analyze other standards and take the company on the right path.


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