In various parts of the world, the growing complexity and quantum of enterprise data has led to a staggering rise in network traffic managed by data centers. The surge in traffic flows in recent times has put considerable pressure on the storage systems, servers and compute, and equipment under the networking framework. In this regard, data center switches have risen in popularity driven by their potential in meeting the needs of next-generation data centers. They have been used popularly by large-scale enterprises and cloud providers to meet their evolving virtualization needs.

Data center switches simplify operations, improve security, automate processes, and help in dynamically regulating application traffic flows in the cloud network. They support the deployment of various types, notably cloud environments, without sacrificing on the scalability, manageability, and the performance in data centers. The burgeoning demand for cloud services is opening new, exciting avenues in the global data center switch market.

The research presents a granular analysis of several key technology trends, notable opportunities, lucrative prospects, major advances, and strategic dynamics of various players during the forecast period of 2017–2025. The study helps market participants get in-depth and evidence-based insights into the various industry efforts in developing high-performance products and emerging avenues in major regions.

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Global Data Center Switch Market: Trends and Opportunities

The intensifying need for simplifying data center management and bring automation in the backdrop of soaring demand for cloud computing services in various industries is a key factor driving the market. The substantially rising demand for bandwidth requirements in data centers world over is a notable factor bolstering the demand for data center class switches. These switches help in bringing resiliency and scalability in the cloud network managed by data centers. Furthermore, data center switches play a key role in establishing agile and scalable data center network underpinned by low latency and high speeds.

The need for continuously monitoring data center networks is a crucial factor catalyzing the demand for data center switches. The emerging potential of bare metal switches is a favorable development expected to unlock exciting and lucrative prospects in the market. The advent of high-performing switches for enterprise network core and firewall-aggregation applications is a notable factor accentuating the market. The burgeoning demand for internet multimedia content among consumers will also boost the demand for data center switches. The need for high-throughput data processing is a notable trend bolstering the uptake.

The compatibility concern across various types of data centers is a notable factor acting as bottlenecks to the growth of the market. Nevertheless, technological advances in bare-metal switches will open promising avenues in the coming years.

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Global Data Center Switch Market: Regional Outlook

The various regional markets for data center switches could be North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (MEA), South America, and Asia Pacific (APAC). Of these, North America is expected to present potentially lucrative avenues over the forecast period. The substantially rising uptake of cloud computing services and platforms by various enterprises to cut cost and achieve agility is a notable trend offering vast lucrative avenues in this regional market. Furthermore, the marked presence of globally prominent companies based in the U.S. offering datacenter and cloud services also accounts for the attractive growth.

Companies mentioned in the report

Several players opt for product innovations and are increasingly engaging in mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations, in order to gain a stronghold in the global data center switches market. Some of the players operating in the market are Centec Networks, Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), ZTE Corporation, D-Link Corporation, Fortinet, Mellanox Technologies, NEC Corporation, Juniper Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei Technologies, Cisco Systems, Inc., Alcatel-Lucent, and H3C Technologies Co., Limited.

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