• Curved display is a revolutionary model in display technology having a concave viewing surface that provides three-dimensional (3D) screens instead of two-dimensional (2D) screens.
  • The curved displays expand the field of view by bending the edges of the screen toward the viewer and making the image enter the peripheral vision area. Hence, the image looks wider and improves depth perception. Therefore, curved displays are said to provide more immersive and a theater-like experience.
  • The curved display reduces outer edge distortions and provides a panoramic view and is more comfortable to the eyes than a flat display
  • Curved display comes in a variety of sizes, curvatures, and resolutions, optimized for a wide range of applications such as TV, monitor, smartphone, and wearable devices

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Growing Demand for Curved Displays in the Consumer Electronics Industry

  • Demand for curved TV is rising commercially in the home furnishing field. They have a significant role in smart home projects, thereby increasing the demand for curved displays in the consumer electronics industry.
  • Advancement in technology and larger adoption of smart devices and wearable can strongly impact the curved displays market. The rising population across the world has led to the increasing use of smartphones, smart watches, and portable mobile devices. In such devices, use of curved screens can make the product design more attractive.
  • Cinema screens are continuously reforming. Curved displays are now in minority; but they are expected to be used extensively in the future. Curved display used in cinema halls and theatres give a clearer and sharper picture quality, offering a real time experience and entertainment, ultimately increasing its demand in consumer electronics.
  • Curved displays can be used in conference halls or in various concerts, where the big display screen can cater to a large number of people and provide a better view, thereby boosting the curved displays market

North America to Lead the Curved Displays Market

  • North America dominates the curved displays market due to enhanced digital advertisements and the demand for OLED screen technology in smart televisions. Also, increase in pixel density and demand for user-friendly and high quality display devices adds to the growth of the curved displays market.
  • North America holds the largest share in the curved displays market, due to higher adoption of smart TVs and increasing technological advancements in electronic displays
  • Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market for curved displays due to significant use of Pixelight high dynamic range technology in different screens and monitors.

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Key Players Operating in the Global Curved Displays Market

  • LG Display Co., Ltd
  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Royole Corporation
  • Motorola Inc.
  • BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd
  • Acer Inc.
  • Sony Corporation
  • TP Vision
  • Dell
  • Changhong
  • TCL Corporation
  • HP
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Panasonic Corporation

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