CSGO Smurfing & Ranked CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO Prime Status Accounts

Counter strike global offensive is an fps game released in 2012. Csgo is a 5v5 Tactical shooter game where one team is required to plant the c4, and the other one known as counter-terrorist are required to defuse it on time or eliminate the terrorist squad even before the c4 is planted. With a total of 30 rounds, the team to win 16 rounds first out of 30 rounds wins the game. Winning or losing a game can affect csgo rank, in which the silver one is the lowest and the global Elite being the top rank.

CSGO is one of the best first-person shooter games topping steam charts since the start with more than a million daily players average. CSGO Being one of the best fps games, there is an increase in the number of smurfs. Smurfing is a common problem in all games. Counter-Strike: global strike offensive is no exception. It faces a severe crisis of critical smurfing. Csgo Smurfs are Unusual Skilled Players of a high rank playing in low-skill matchmaking with an alternate account, probably with low-ranked friends, for having some fun. Almost all players have a smurf account to keep a balance in the game.

Cheaters are one of the significant problems with the game. With an increase in cheaters, there is a negative impact on genuine players. That’s the reason valve has released prime matchmaking in csgo.

CSGO Accounts are major of two categories, i.e., CSGO Prime Status and Non-Prime Status Rest rank, etc., remain the same in both classes.

CSGO Prime Status Accounts are Essential for having a great experience of the game. Without prime status, users will face many cheaters who will blatantly use wallhacks, Aimbot, and all sorts of hacks. Players can achieve CSGO Prime Status by either buying csgo prime from the steam store or boosting it to Private rank 21 for free. Private rank Boosting is a time-consuming process, and it requires almost three months of booting to make it prime, so the best thing one can do is directly buy csgo prime accounts Csgosmurfnation boosts in this way. It will be cheaper than steam. Delivery will be instant.

CSGO Non-Prime Status Accounts are Free to play on Steam it has a private rank of 1 to 20 once it reaches private rank 21 it gets converted to prime automatically. Non Prime Matchmaking is a home to cheaters and smurfs so Prime status is must for a pleasant experience.

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CSGO Faces Huge competition now in the form of valorant, a similar game developed by riot games. Valorant Account is an FPS game, the same as csgo but with more abilities that differ from agents to agents that makes valorant different from csgo.

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