Analyzing The Efficacy Of Social Media Marketing And SEO To Get Traffic To Your Site

Social Media Marketing

If you are curious to know about the usefulness and worth of SEO or social media marketing to get more exposure on the web, you have to go deep inside and study both. Which of these two are more effective?  Which of them will provide you the best results in the long run? Does one have an edge over the other or both are indispensible? The best thing you can do is using both to get maximum web traffic. The significance of online marketing cannot be ruled out when the question is to increase web visibility. 

For instance, some people may know your brand and look for your products or services or you might be the recommended one from another website or person in the search engine results. It is here that you need to analyze which is the best strategy for your business SEO or SMM. Typically, both the strategies are intertwined for businesses that may face confusion about this ongoing battle of whether SMM is better or SEO.

Often companies hire SEO experts without realizing the significance of social media. Besides this, a few companies leverage solely on social media, which may not work out as well. Read the following to elucidate the confusion.

  • Reports suggest that about sixty percent of consumers use search engines for product research before buying and over seventy percent of young adults recommend their peers how social media influences their buying behavior.
  • The marketing channel on which you focus becomes useful only when your eyes are on the target audience as it helps you get relevant traffic to your site. 
  • From Twitter, Instagram to Facebook, each of these networks cater to a certain audience that provides thrust to brands that are searching for the right kind of audience, so you need to know which one to choose.
  • Organic SEO hits those people, which may not be based on the social media channels they are using. Therefore, the profile you get through search engine optimization may be more definite.
  • Social media is inherently based on personality trends while the focus of SEO is contriving images based on people who have already expressed interest about your brand. 
  • With SEO all you need to do is to figure out your target audience and apply the keywords tools in the content to attract traffic on your site.

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Social media optimization

The search industry is filled with ideas about the integration of SEO with social media. Social media is closely linked to SEO in multiple ways as it makes optimization more rewarding. Although they appear different on the face, they actually assist each other. However, social media does not have direct links with SEO or social media does not contribute to ranking. The links you share on social media network, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do not get much exposure and quite naturally Google does not view them worthy of ranking. Check the following facts.

  • Publishing inspiring and creative content that provides information to people.
  • Sharing and linking content.
  • The social media profiles garner followers and the site gains traffic.
  • Building community around a brand.
  • Consistency in social media interactions and application of authoritative SEO strengthens brand reputation.
  • Indexing of search engines for ranking websites higher.
  • Users access sites organically through the search engines.

If you explore websites with top ranks on Google, you will discover that many of them have string social connections.

Ignorance of Google in social signals

Do you know whether Google searches or looks for social media pages or profiles on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? True, Google indexes the pages of these sites, but does not view the content pr the links therein as it treats those pages just like the regular HTML pages. Take a quick glimpse at the facts below.

  • While ranking a site, Google does not consider the count of shares in social media as anyone can enter the system even though it might not deserve to rank higher than any other website.
  • Sharing in social media network takes place 24X7 and faster than Google to notice it. Therefore, the search engine expert might not be able to index those sites or notice the changes to stay at par with them.
  • No one knows how much Google can access the social media sites that are popular or whether they use it for ranking.
  • Many people are also not aware that social media acts indirectly to help people in locating your brand in the search engine results.

Attracting visitors

The leading blogs on digital marketing have their focus on social media marketing while SEO helps in attracting visitors to sites and know the traffic sources that are ideal.  Therefore, it would be practical to think that blogs eyeing on search marketing get more organic traffic than those blogs that focus on social media marketing. From this, you can conclude that SMM blogs will receive more visitors from different social media networks as it is their area of expertise. However, the result may be not what you expect. The extended levels of engagement you get through the social media marketing blogs is due to the referral traffic and backlink that social media drives and allow them get higher ranking in the search engines.

Summing up the ideas

For driving to your site, there are a few ways in which to get visitors to your site. People are always struggling to know whether they should invest more in search engine optimization or social media marketing.  You might feel that one strategy overpowers another after your studies and explorations but it is better to say that one cannot survive without another. SEO and SMM are two of the most important tenets you need to know to grow your business. 

The best you can do is to maximize both strategies to make your brand more lucrative. Search engines aid in ranking engagement, which makes social media marketing viable for SEO efforts. More and more people can visit your site when people start engaging with your presence on the social media networks.