COVID-19 safety supplies (800)


In the last few months, the most common acronym each one of us must have heard of is COVID-19 PPE that stands for Personal Protective Equipment used to prevent the spreading of infection and also to protect oneself while getting in contact with patients or public places. PPE would be particularly used for healthcare workers, or paramedical staff is, however, a wrong concept during this peak time of virus outbreak. PPE can be the simple face mask that you wear while collecting the food delivery at your door.

Standard recommendations that are approved to avoid the spread of COVID-19 comprises of washing hands regularly with soap, applying hand sanitizer to kill any contacted germs, not coughing and sneezing in public and to cover your mouth with a napkin or arched elbow to prevent splattering of droplets, maintaining social distance and using COVID-19 safety supplies while moving to public areas, like groceries, banks, offices, hospitals, and clinics. Where the medical staff (doctors, nurses, caretakers) would need extra care and precautions handling infectious patients for instance gloves, gowns, etc. during the massive spread of the virus, it has become crucial for each one of us to protect our self and our families from getting infected by using safety supplies especially when it’s time to get back to workplaces after lockdown.

While COVID-19 safety supplies have become necessary for medical staff as well as ordinary workplaces, many companies have taken steps required to make their places safe and secure to work in for their employees and customers. These procedures will not only help secure your staff members but will also impact on the revival of your business. During the outbreak of this pandemic, employers are obligated to deliver their workers with maximum safety and protection at the workplace. Equip your workplace with high-quality COVID-19 supplies available at

It will help them keep safe while still performing their job. Various forms of safety supplies and measures that are considered by companies and business places include:

  • Face shields
  • Protective shields
  • Floor decals
  • Floor sign holders
  • Social distancing decals
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Pull up banner designs
  • Social distancing signage
  • Social distancing vinyl banners

Let us discuss these COVID-19 safety supplies briefly while help you get to the norms of your business and its productivity.


Face shield visors are used by the majority of the healthcare workers and also by other service employees. Protective face shields provide complete coverage of the face, unlike face masks. It covers your eyes, nose, and mouth from infected splatters of fluid. It also alerts you from touching your eyes or mouth with hands that may transmit infection.


Protective shields are now essential at workplaces between co-workers’ desktops and countertops. It creates a barrier between the worker and customer protecting both from germ transmission. These are clear acrylic sneeze guards available at different sizes to protect the spread of splatters and germs while maintaining social distance.


These are bright printed decals for floors that help to maintain social distance between staff members, customers, and clients. It reminds people that they have to follow protective guidelines and protect themselves and others by keeping themselves at the recommended range.


Floor sign holders are held in workplaces at proper distances to remind people and staff members to wash their hands with soap after regular intervals and wearing their masks. The labels on these signboards encourage people to maintain social distance and use of hand sanitizer at intervals.


These are stickers that can be applied on walls, windows, or doors reminding staff members and customers to maintain proper distance and use precautions that are important for the prevention of spreading germs like sneezing and coughing using disposable tissues or even stopping from crossing a particular area.


Hand sanitizing stations are placed at various distances to keep employees free from germs while handling files and doing their job. This is a very practical approach that not only reminds but also provides access to one of the various safety measures.


These banners also remind people at work and customers coming from outside that staff members are following the guidelines, and they have to follow them too. It gives a sense of security to visitors and also saves workers from getting infected.


These banners are lifted at the entrance of your business places or areas that promotes the precautionary guidelines for COVID-19 and requesting to maintain social distance. These banners can be put in public spaces for the awareness of the disease and also how to prevent it.