Covid-19 And Sleep: 5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep During The Pandemic

Here are some 5 steps you should think about incorporating into your sleep routine now that society is adjusting to changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Incorporate a standard sleep routine

Ensure you sleep and get up at the same time every day.

  1. Limit napping during the day

Even though naps make you less fatigued during the evenings, they may end up affecting your overall sleep rhythm. This, in turn, may affect your ability to get quality sleep.

  1. Don’t be lazy throughout the day

Find something to do while at home. Some workouts or a walk would suffice.

  1. Be careful about oversleeping

You may end up feeling more tired if you spend too much time in bed. Oversleeping may also lead to frustrations when you can’t catch up on sleep.

  1. Take time off electronic devices

Keep your smartphone away before you go to sleep. Still, make sure you turn off your TV set one hour before going to bed.

Sooner or later, lots of adults endure short-term sleep problems that range from several days or weeks. Often sleep issues can be traced to a poor quality mattress, consider upgrading to a Nectar mattress for a better night’s sleep. Nonetheless, you may have a more severe sleep problem in the event symptoms persist. If you notice that you are drowsy during most parts of your day, you may have a more severe sleep disorder. Head bobbing or dozing off while driving your car or sleeping while at work are some instances indicating sleep quality or quantity problems. Remember to have a chat with a healthcare professional if you snort as you sleep, get comments that you have a snoring problem, or if you’ve ever been told you stopped breathing while you were sleeping.